Tuesday, July 19, 2011


In 2006 then Senator Barack Obama made a speech and said:  "Raising the debt ceiling is an immoral act, and a sign of failed leadership.  Of course, that was when George Bush was president.  Today, Obama says the national debt ceiling must be raised if the United States wants to avoid defaulting on it's debts.  Obama was a hypocrite in 2006, and he is still a hypocrite in 2011 as president.
  In the past several weeks, or at least since the raising of the national debt limit all of a sudden became a White House trumped crisis, I've been hearing statements like "Obama doesn't have a clue about finance", and " Obama just doesn't get it."  In actuality, it's the pundits and legislators that made those statements that in my opinion "DON'T GET IT."  There's this attitude that Obama has suddenly become inept, or inexperienced in finance, which is a huge error in judgement.  The truth is, that Obama does get it, and he does understand finances.  Yes, you say his handling of the "debt crisis" has been abysmal, and that would be true except for the fact that Obama knows exactly what he's doing, and he's doing it without challenge.  Obama knows that he cannot turn this nation into a 3rd world socialist country until he destroys the entire economic structure.  Ushering America into a position of unprecedented debt is only one facet of the big plan.  I don't know about you folks, but I can only listen to Obama make speeches about cutting America's debt and at the same time running the country into financial ruin, before I have to ask the question, WHAT!!!!  What it really comes down to is this;  Obama isn't so much a hypocrite as he is a bald faced liar.  Once America manages to grasp a hold of the fact that Obama had an agenda, has an agenda, and is systematically implementing his socialist agenda, the country will be much better off.  No nation has ever defeated it's enemy by assuming the enemy was stupid.  Make no mistake, this country's worst enemy and nightmare is in occupation of the White House.  Do not underestimate Obama as some inept dolt!  He is a formidable enemy with a strategic plan for success.   It is difficult for me to find that so many in D.C. seem to be oblivious to Obama's agenda, especially when he has been so blatant about it.  I wonder, how many times does a person have to lie, to be recognised as a liar?   
  There is no doubt that this country is in crisis, but it's certainly not a debt ceiling crisis, it's a debt crisis.  The cause of the debt crisis is President Barack Hussein Obama and his Progressive cronies in his cabinet and in the Senate and House.  It is imperative that "We the People" see this President and his Progressive administration for what it is.  There is no longer a Democrat Party, they have been hijacked by Communist Socialists a couple of decades ago.  It is the goal of these Progressives to cause as much chaos in as many areas as possible.  Just look around, Obama touted himself as being a uniter, but, are we Americans more united today than before Obama?  Absolutely not!!!  Obama and his minions have done everything to drive a wedge between Blacks & Whites, between rich and middle class, between middle class and poor, between Christian and non.  Has there ever been such dissent between the religious and non-religious sections of this nation ever before?  No, absolutely not.  Obama and his agenda cannot be successful unless there is chaos and division. 
  Many of us recognise this administration for what it is, many of us see it, and just plain do not want to believe it.  The facts are, it's true, this President does not love this country, and he means to destroy it at all costs.  When America wakes up and recognises what Obama is doing, and who Obama truly is and what his agenda entails, then and only then will the forces of good be able to rally.  With the help of Almighty God, and through faith an repentance, once again turn back to the Lord and seek His strength.  Humans cannot defeat Satan alone, we must have God before us.  It is obvious to me that Obama is driven by evil, and must be stopped if America is to remain a free country and a beacon of liberty to the rest of the world.
The Watchman

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