Monday, July 18, 2011


To refer to this man "Bill Maher" as a cretin would be too kind, as it would give him a physiological excuse for his behavior, and for his program.  His latest program panel was so vile and vulgar and offensive I wouldn't feel comfortable putting a link to it on this Blog article.  If one wishes to see it and hear it, one can just google the words "Bill Maher's new low", and I'm sure the video clip will come up.  A WARNING HOWEVER, THE VIDEO  CONTAINS LANGUAGE FROM THE PIT OF HELL, AND IF YOU HAVE ANY MORALS AT ALL, IT WILL OFFEND YOU!!!   Bill Maher's latest program panel was so offensive that I would be very, very uncomfortable and embarrassed to actually watch it with my wife.
  The guests on the panel were:  (alleged comedian) Marc Maron (he could change his last name to "moron", and no one would know the difference.)  Dan Savage, a self-proclaimed sex-advice columnist, who know doubt is suffering from low self-esteem resulting from his own shortcomings (if you know what I mean?).  Marc Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who from the content of his ranting on Maher's panel, it can be derived that the tall boys on the Mavericks should probably avoid dropping the soap in the shower, if the owner is anywhere in the vicinity.  Ms. Christia Freeland, Editor of Thomson Reuters Digital.  I don't know if she sat through the entire tirade of insults not only to Michelle Bachman and her family, but to the entire population of women in the world, out of fear or astonishment at the pure evil of the subject .  I'm sure she felt like she was all of 1 inch tall and absolutely worthless.  Perhaps she sat through it all because she is in embraces the thought of being entirely worthless, I'm really not sure.  As a Christian man, I was embarrassed for her even if she wasn't embarrassed for herself.  In light of the entire conversation, any woman worth her salt would have had to been outraged, but Christia just sat there and giggled stupidly as the three men on the panel expressed how they would like to sexually and physically abuse Michelle Bachman.  In a word, it was the most disgusting display of offensive and contemptible conversation I have ever witnessed on TV.  I sincerely hope the somewhat mentally dysfunctional liberals who actually tune into this Bill Maher program didn't have their children in the room.  Somehow though I can't help but think that they did.  Programs like this are the proof that this nation is in severe moral decay and the condoning of programs like these by the viewing audience are in my opinion the epitome of vulgar perverted voyeurs, with IQ somewhere just below troglodyte.  The program was neither funny or entertaining.  Every women's group should be attempting to string these guys up by their heels, but I will lay odds that not a word will be said.  Most if not all so-called women's advocate organizations are liberal in their thinking and somehow, through some sick and twisted thinking, will find a way to place the blame on Michelle Bachman. 
  So, I have a few words of my own to describe Bill Maher and his guests of the other night:  Scurrilous, deleterious, repulsive, nauseating, repugnant, revolting, disgraceful and ignominious!!!  No doubt that Bill Maher and the other pea-brained idiots on his program will have to look those words up.  Then again, do they even have the minute intelligence to accomplish that.  Just so they won't be completely in the dark, here are some descriptive words, that depict their behavior.  They may already be familiar with these, as no doubt they live their entire lives in the sewer:  Vile, foul, loathsome, depraved, ignoble, wretched and evil.
  I hope and pray that their parents were watching that particular episode of Bill Maher's program.  I feel sorry for their parents because at this moment they are probably wondering, where did they go wrong?  I doubt that any parent of a child that displayed that kind of repulsive behavior on nation television would be able to proudly say, "That's My Boy"!!!  It should be mentioned, Bill Maher did not add to the conversation, but he did encourage it's continuation.  If you have heard Bill Maher speak, you would know that the only reason he was quiet during this segment, was because his other male guests had already used up all the most vile words in Bill Maher's vocabulary.
  The husband and family of Michelle Bachman should take this opportunity to thrash all of those so-called men on that program to within an inch of their pathetic lives, and leave them bleeding in the sewer where they belong.  But that won't happen, people are to civilized today.  I guess that's commendable, but in this instance well, I say it's too too bad.  I doubt that I could hold back if some degenerate literally sexually insulted and assaulted my wife the way they did on TV.  God forgive me, but I would be forced to defend her honor.  Maybe it's time we got back to a time where men actually did care enough to be chivalrous and defend the honor of their lady! 
God Help This Nation
The Watchman

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