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Sometimes, the truth must be told no matter who it offends!!!

"Campus Crusade for Christ", more commonly known on college campus' throughout America and the world as CCC.  The CCC is a large-scale Christian organization that was founded by Bill and Vonette Bright at UCLA in 1951 and has carried the same name since 1960.  In 2012, the organization will be removing the name of "Christ" and will officially call the Christian organization "Cru".  Under the guise of taking away any obstacles that might deter anyone from hearing the true message of the organization, the leaders felt the name change was necessary.  According to Vonette her husband Bill had considered an organizational name change for about 20-25 years.  I may be wrong, but 20-25 years ago is when Islamic Students Organizations, and other liberal student organizations began popping up on campus' across the United States.  Could this name change have any correlation with how Muslims are offended at the mention of the word "Christian"?  Of course, if one is trying not to appease the Muslim student population, then why choose the name "Cru" which clearly suggests that the word Crusade is okay, but not the name Christ.  I would think that "Cru" will raise just as much Muslim ire, if not more than the words Christ or Christian as they are all quite synonymous.  Either the leaders were somewhat remiss in their selection of a new name, or they're making a point.  In my opinion, they were remiss, and soon there may be a revocation of "Cru" to something even more secular.  I believe that this entire name change thing is the direct result of the political correctness that now permeates our society, both in the public and private sectors.  If I were the leader of CCC, instead of changing the name to "Cru", I'd spell it out, and call it "The Crusade", but that's just me.  
  These days people shy away from the word "Crusade" as though there was something nasty and offensive about it.  In actually, "The Crusaders were quite noble in their endeavors, and "The Crusades" in themselves were a very noble cause for freedom from oppression by Muslims.  Here are some facts to dispel some misconceptions concerning "The Crusades".  These facts may offend some folks, especially Muslims, because to hear the way Islam tells the story, they (the Muslims) were just a group of merry men minding their own business when the barbaric hordes of Christians swooped down upon them totally unprovoked.
Myth #1:    The Crusades were wars of unprovoked aggression against a peaceful Muslim world.
  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  From the time of Mohammed, Muslims had sought to conquer the Christian world.  They did a pretty good job of it too.  After a few centuries of steady conquests, Muslim armies had taken all of North Africa, the Middle East, Asia Minor and most of Spain.  In other words, by the end of the 11th century the forces of Islam had captured two-thirds of the Christian world.  Palestine, the home of Jesus Christ; Egypt, the birthplace of Christian monasticism; Asia Minor, where St. Paul planted the seeds of the first Christian communities--these were not the periphery of Christianity, but it's very core.  However, the Muslims empires were not finished yet.  They continued to press westward toward Constantinople, ultimately passing it and entering Europe itself.  As far as unprovoked aggression goes, it was all on the Muslim side.  At some point, what was left of the Christian world would have to defend itself, or simply succumb to Islamic conquest. (source:  A Concise History of the Crusades, author Thomas Madden, chair of the history department at St. Louis University)
  In the following days, or for as long as it takes, I will be compiling data and facts from numerous sources regarding the truth about "The Crusades", and why Christians should NOT be ashamed of their heritage.  Through this Blog, we will delve more deeply into Islam and Christian differences and why neither can survive peacefully in the presence of one another.  "The Crusades, and the Crusaders were noble and righteous in their cause.  Make no mistake, the Crusaders were also volunteers for the most part, and marched on an enemy of formidable strength and resolve.  The Muslim empire and their conquests prior to the onset of the Crusades, could not be ignored.  By the same token, the Islamic conquests of Europe and the West can no longer be ignored today.  Had the Crusades not happened, no doubt all the world today would be Islamic.  If the West and Europe do not begin a new Crusade today, the end result will be the same for us tomorrow.
Are you prepared to bow to Allah?
God Help Us
The Watchman

Campus Crusade for Christ Cru New name changes

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