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There is nothing about Social Justice that is Divinely Inspired
                                          Reading Bible Social Justice Poverty

Whoa, and back up there Mr. Aaron Franzen from Baylor, and you too David Briggs from the Association of Religion Data Archives.  Do not allude that "Social Justice" is some kind of divine Bible inspiration!  There are huge societal differences between "Social Justice" and the "Social Concerns" of Bible reading Christians.  Please don't confuse the two.  Neither the Father or the Son instituted social justice reforms.  Social Justice is strictly a man made paradigm shift.  Socialism and Christianity are not even remotely related.  Social Justice is the demand for funds by the ruling government so that the government can redistribute wealth to whom it sees fit and deserving.  Concern for those who are unfortunate deems that money from charitable Christians be doled to the charity in which the donor chooses through his/her own God given free will.  Contrary to popular opinion these days, Jesus was not and is not a Socialist.  Jesus encouraged Christians to be charitable, He did not order ruling governments to steal money from good hard working people, so that those who refuse to work would reap the benefit of someone else's harvest.  OH yes, there is a difference between "Social Justice" and charity.  
  Mr. Briggs states: "Those individuals who believe that the Bible is literally true, but who spend little time reading it, will actually find themselves at ideological odds with those who devote more time to the scriptures."  That statement Mr. Briggs is actually a contradiction in terms.  There are no avid Bible readers that could possibly come away with the idea that Christian charity is connected to Social or Economic Justice.  
  In my opinion, this entire study is just another way for socialism to infiltrate the conservative Christian community.  What better way is there to convince Christians they all along have been of a socialist nature, because Jesus preached socialism?  He did not!!!  
  A warning to Christians; we have always been the most concerned and the most charitable of all peoples in the world.  To prove this to yourself, look back at all the Christian sponsored ministries for the past, say 100 years.  Has any one church, either priest or preacher demanded the turning over of your hard earned money to any specific ministry?  No, they have not.  So, by the same token, ask yourself how do these charitable ministries continue to operate?  The simple answer is this:  Because we love Jesus, we love our brothers and neighbors as ourselves, and that results in the huge successes of charitable missions and ministries around the globe.  The government does not have to demand our money, it is out of love that we freely give to those in need.  No, there is no correlation between "Social Justice" and Christian charity, NONE!
  As a Bible reader, I come away with a healthy respect for the law, both God's law and our nation's law.  The Progressive liberals who appear responsible for this so-called study of Christians and the reporting of the study's findings are extremely bias in their conclusions.  This study has been published for one reason, and one reason only, to somehow convince conservative Christians that they are actually Socialists.  Do not lend credence to the published conclusions of this Baylor study.  Social and Economic justice is the antithesis of God's word.  Social and Economic justice has it's roots deeply in Communism.  Christianity has it's roots in Freedom, and love that comes directly from the teachings of Jesus Christ, not Carl Marx.  Beware of false prophets the Bible warns us.  This study is in essence a false prophesy, aimed at leading conservative, God fearing Christians down the wide path, and not the narrow one.  
  I encourage all of you to click on the link to this study, read it, but do not be fooled by it.  God's laws are not to be distorted, and the conclusions of this study will try to encourage you to believe otherwise.  It is not unlike the recent decision of the Southern Baptist Convention to seek some social equality and justice for the children of illegal Mexican alien children in this country.  America is a nation of laws, not individuals.  Those who are here illegally, have already broken the law by their mere presence.  The children they bore here are no more American citizens than their parents.  By granting an amnesty to the children of illegals does nothing but encourage the infiltration of more illegals into this country.  Christian condonement of  this behavior by illegals breaks commandment after commandment.  Thou shalt not steal.  Thou shalt not covet.  I shouldn't need to go on.  If you are an American citizen, and you feel compelled to take in illegal aliens from anywhere, then they should live with you, eat your food and wear your clothes.  If you are well with that, then you should also be responsible for their health care.  You should be responsible, not the rest of American society, that's socialist.  Placing the burden of the illegals on all of society is forced redistribution of wealth, and that too is socialism.  
  Socialist Progressives have infiltrated many if not all aspects of our government, and now they are attempting to infiltrate and cause a huge paradigm shift in the Christian churches.  If the socialists are successful in their infiltration, it will make the church a subject of the government.  The first amendment is supposed to protect the church from the state, but if the state can make demands from the churches, then I ask, who's actually in charge?  What would be the difference, from one Revolutionary War to another?  Is not one tyrannical and oppressive government the same as the other?
Seek God's Divine Providence
Do not be led astray by the words of false prophets.
The Watchman       

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