Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hey, see any smoke coming from those two stacks in the distance? Me either, do you know why? Barack Hussein Obama and his EPA, that's why!!!
Officials at 4 major Texas hospitals are furious over the rolling blackouts implemented by utility companies due to energy shortages. The hospitals, and many other organizations were to be exempted from the blackouts due their emergency status. Obviously someone at the utility company never got the memo. The hospital's that were left scrambling for emergency power were; Parkland, Baylor, Methodist and Presbyterian Dallas. Much to the hospital staff's chagrin, the electricity outages came as a complete surprize. I suppose the utility companies didn't remember that patients who count on life support, really count on the power to run those support systems. It's pretty pathetic that many places in Texas are now depending on Mexico to supply their power. Sounds to me like the Mexican drug cartels should get into the electrical power business, especially now that president Obama has border states purchasing energy from Mexico. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before some cartel leader figures this out. If you think that Texas is the only state that will be subjected to these rolling blackouts, think again. It is the Obama administration's intention to shut down all the coal mines and coal fire power plants. And, oh yes, Obama does know that coal fire power plants provide America with 70% of it's electrical power. However, when your intention is to destroy this country, as is Obama's, coal doesn't matter. Understand that Obama is not concerned with whether you can have heat, or light, he is only concerned with the accomplishment of his Socialist/Progressive agenda.
Think I'm wrong about Obama's plan to destroy America, and control the population, then explain these things:
1.) Why does Obama and his cronies continue to tout Global Warming and production of carbon dioxide as a reason to close coal mines and coal fire power plants, knowing full well that the science behind Global Warming is a scam and has been proven false?
2.) Why is Obama so intent on this oil-drilling moratorium, yet he sends billions our tax dollars to foreign countries so that they can drill in the exact places our domestic oil companies planned to drill?
3.) Why is Obama so intent on America being the only country that does not build new oil refineries, drill for domestic oil both deep water and on land or erect more coal fire power plants? Just a point to ponder here, Mexico and China are building dozens of new power plants every year.
I just think that those are a few questions people need to ask themselves, and seek answers from our legislators. The administration lays much blame on the Environmentalists and their movement. However, when push comes to shove, the president of the United States can ignore the environmentalists at any given time, and push forward on programs that genuinely benefit the American people. Of course that would be true if this was in fact, an environmental problem, but it's not. You know it, I know it and Obama knows it. It's a control thing, period!!!
If Obama is allowed to bankrupt the coal industry (as was his stated intention), then the domestic oil industry, then seize control of the health care industry, the banking industry, and lets not forget the fact that he is burdening the taxpayers with unsustainable entitlements. Talk about killing jobs. No oil, no coal also means no jobs, higher food prices, energy prices and clothing prices, the list goes on and on!!!
To all the legislators, both old and new, government can not create jobs, and it can not create wealth through entitlements. So get off that pony for a minute and stop telling us that your priority number one is creating jobs!!! You can't create jobs, period. Stop the business taxes, equalize the the trade deficit and taxes on goods. Tell Obama and the Al Gores of this country to take a hike, and start handing out some drilling, and mining and exploration permits. Let the private sector create the jobs. Let's start building the refineries to process the petroleum we'll be accessing from the new drilling, allow the construction of new clean coal power plants. Forget the electric cars for now, they will never replace the gasoline and diesel engines, at least not in the near future. Ethanol is a complete bust and waste of time, let America's farmers grow food, not fuel. America and the world's hungry need food to eat, not food to burn.
The shutting down of America's coal fire plants may sound like a wonderful idea and a way to clean up the environment. I am all for clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, but the Global Warming scam is just that, a scam. Man does not cause climate change, man adjusts to the changes in the climate, as we always have. My request of those environmentalists who are living in the bankrupt state of California, come to Minnesota this February move into a nice little place, and turn off your electricity, don't store any fuel oil, and don't burn any trees in the wood stove. Let's see how long you last.
To my friends right here in the great state of Tennessee, you are aware that the TVA is shutting down coal fire power plants, and they will be shutting down more and more of them. When you lose your power for 5 or six hours because the utility company doesn't have enough power to spread around, and your house goes from a comfy 68-70 degrees down to 40 degrees, remember you should have called your legislator. Every state has priorities and priority number is to take care of the citizens of that state. If you are in favor of shutting down coal, then I encourage your neighbors who no longer have heat to come to your house for answers.
I am all in favor of experimenting with alternative power sources. If a scientist comes up with a better and more efficient power source, the government won't have to force people to use it, the people will flock to it. Remember, if the government wants you to do it, or use it, but they exempt themselves and their friends, then believe me you don't want to do it or use it either.
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Situ

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