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Barack Hussein Obama, America's Public Enemy Number 1
In light of these economic hard times in America, and around the world, one must, if only for self sanity's sake ask questions. The determination of President Barack Hussein Obama to bring America's energy production to a total and complete standstill never ceases to amaze me. I was under the impression for my past 62 years, that the President of the United States was in all actuality hired by the American people to look out for the people's interest. I am ecstatic that I did not vote for this treasonous and treacherous President. I understand also, that every President has an agenda, and will do all he/she can to see it too fruition. But this man's agenda is obviously to destroy America, and all it ever stood for, and all it will ever stand for again. (only if the nation itself survives the current administration).
The link I have provided will take you to one of the most damning articles concerning Obama's plan for the demise of America that I have ever read. I encourage all of you to click on the link, read the article, print the article, and pass it along to your liberal friends, if you have any. Here are a few highlights: The U.S. is currently paying about $10.00 a barrel less for oil than European and Asian nations are, why? Because of U.S. access to oil refined from Canadian oil sands. Access to these vast natural resources is a great diversification of our oil supply. But now the Obama Administration is trying to make it harder for American consumers to get Canadian oil. How? Obama's Environmental Protection Agency is blocking approval for the "Keystone" pipeline, which would increase the amount of oil the U.S. receives from Canada by over a million barrels per day. This is not the only way Obama is keeping oil out of the hands of American consumers:
The Obama Department of Interior has blocked access to 19 billion barrels of oil from the Pacific and Atlantic coastal waters, and of course the east Gulf of Mexico. Also being blocked is an additional 10 billion barrels from the Alaskan Coast. To make things even more difficult for oil exploration, the Obama Administration has offered 79% fewer leases for oil and natural gas exploration and development in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming in 2010 than in 2005. Let's not forget the 10 billion barrels of oil that lie beneath a few thousand acres in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, more commonly referred to as the ANWR. The ANWR oil can be accessed with minimal environmental impact, but for some reason America can't drill there either. For those who think like John McCain thinks, the ANWR is NOT a Pristine vacation spot. The ANWR is rugged and desolate tundra territory. Trust me, no one will take the family there for a weekend outing to see the caribou, or the occasional wandering polar bear. The ANWR is a brutal environment in both winter and summer. If that's not enough, the area where drilling would take place in comparison would be about the size of a postage stamp on a gymnasium floor. What a minuscule price to pay for 10 billion barrels of Alaskan crude.
Here is the question we must ask, why? Why is Obama blocking America from these valuable energy resources? The answer is quite simple... If you spent as much time kissing the royal Saudi booty's as Obama does, and you are actually a Muslim, if not publicly, but in your heart, then seeing to it that America is dependent on OPEC oil would certainly be in your best interest. I mean, let's actually look at what Obama is doing, shall we? Obama is overloading the American people with unsustainable expense. No oil, no natural gas, no coal, just exactly where does he expect America to get energy? That answer is simple too, Obama doesn't want America to be self sufficient in energy, PERIOD! Look realistically at this "ethanol program". Ethanol production is very expensive, it means we have to burn our food in our gas tanks. I ask you, does it make sense to grow corn for fuel, but then go hungry? Of course it doesn't make sense, even if America was to grow corn on every square foot of the nation, it would not produce enough ethanol to replace oil/gasoline. Worse yet, it takes gasoline to make ethanol. The entire program is counter-productive at best. Those of you who say you'll take care of that problem by driving an electric car, well, have I got news for you. Under Obama's energy plan, "energy costs would necessarily skyrocket", those are Obama's words, not mine. So, don't be surprised when your electric bill comes and you find out that you're paying $30.00 a night to charge your car up. And if you think Obama's proposed roadside emergency chargers are going to provide you with free electricity, better keep that credit card handy. Remember, over 70% of the nation's electricity is produced from coal burning power plants, and Obama wants to shut them down. So unless you have a wind farm in your back yard, or a house completely covered in solar electric producing panels, I'd think twice about wasting money on an overgrown electric golf cart.
Now that Obama has control over the energy industry, and consequently the food industry, oh, wait did I not remind everyone that food is delivered to your local grocery store by truck? I did, huh?! Well, as energy costs skyrocket, so does the cost of everything else. In the coming year, if things continue to Progress at the status-quo, food prices will rise by a minimum of 30%, clothing prices, oh yes, guess what nylon, rayon and polyester are made from, that's correct, petroleum, oil my friend. But there won't be any domestic oil, so now you'll see a huge increase in the cost of your clothing, somewhere and conservatively speaking, a minimum of 25-35%. It really won't matter though, because you won't be working, so you won't be earning enough to pay your energy, clothing or food bills. But, as planned, you will surely be dependent upon the Obama federal government for your handouts.
Okay, you are all wondering what does Obama have to gain from driving America into the abyss? The answer is power and control, sheer power and control. His health care plan if he manages to overcome some recent hurdles will be a means to the control of population, perhaps not right away, but certainly down the road, mark my words. Obama has aspirations much higher than that of President of the United States, because if he has his way, there will be NO United States in 2-3 years. Perhaps some of you haven't noticed the dramatic expansion of Islam throughout the world. Well, it's time to pay attention, because while Americans have been busy texting, playing video games, writing and socializing on face book or my space, the nation of Islam has been growing by leaps and bounds. The European continent is already 70% controlled by Muslims. The African continent is also, and has been for quite some time under Islamic rule. Go to the Internet, look up maps of Islamic countries, you'll see exactly what I am talking about. The nation of Islam is growing fast, and soon the new Islamic Empire will dwarf the Ottoman Empire by entire continents. Where does Obama fit in? The New World Order, the New Islamic Empire or Caliphate will also need a Caliph and Obama wants that job.
America's health care, energy, industry, financial systems, these are all mere obstacles to Obama, America must be destroyed, Christianity must be destroyed before the new Caliphate can be established. That my friends is Obama's goal. Once the American people resign themselves to the fact that Obama is a Muslim/Socialist, and that he has no intention of giving up on his agenda, then and only then can America begin to fight back. The destruction of the U.S. economy, religions, freedoms, and liberties will only begin to make sense to you when you start looking at things from the enemy's viewpoint. Yes, Barack Hussein Obama is America's Public Enemy Number 1. That fact holds true whether you choose to believe it or not.
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Situ

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