Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Is there still any doubt in the minds of Americans that Obama is Pro-Islam?

In a statement the other day, Barack Hussein Obama, the current President of the United States of America said: "I not only hear the Egyptian Protesters, but I find them inspiring. They are an inspiration to the world."

Never have I been so appalled at this president, as I am now. He can hear the protests of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, and he even finds the riots, the car burnings and violence inspiring. I seem to recall, at the first of many American Peaceful TEAParty rallies, the president found us to be bigots, racists, domestic terrorists, and uneducated. There were never any car burnings, riots or for that matter any indication that violence was eminent, yet our president couldn't hear the people of his own nation. But, Muslim Brotherhood Egyptians are obviously nearer to Obama's heart. Let me guess, Obama feels their pain too!!! I'm pretty convinced that Barack Hussein Obama must be a direct descendant of Muhammad the Mad Pedophile. Since Obama was elected president, he has apologised to every enemy country, and kissed the butt of every Muslim King, Prince and Emir he could find. I find it extremely difficult to understand those Obamanites that continue to be blinded by this man, and his words. As I have said before, if Obama isn't the rising Anti-Christ, he is certainly an apostate of Satan. In my opinion, Satanic worship and Islam are in fact, one in the same.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the most far reaching and most organized branch of Islam. They are also the most barbaric, violent and deceptive of all Muslims. The Muslim Brotherhood has a motto, for those of you who do not know what that motto is, or for those who may have forgotten, allow me to refresh your memory.
1. Allah is our objective.
2. The Prophet (Muhammad) is our leader.
3. Qu'ran is our law.
4. Jihad is our way.
5. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.
Yes, the Muslim Brotherhood is the same group of Barbaric Muslim thugs that our president finds inspiring. An important thing to remember, and I know that I have written this many times in past Blog articles, and at the risk of being redundant, the Muslim Brotherhood in America is very, very much alive and well. If you research enough, you will find that almost every single Muslim Mosque (community center) in America, has links to the Muslim Brotherhood. Once again, I can not emphasize enough the fact that every Mosque allowed to be built on American soil, becomes automatically sovereign Muslim territory according to Islamic law. On this territory they do not have to and will not obey any man made law, i.e., the Constitution of the U.S., or any local law or ordinance. The Muslim law is the Qu'ran and Jihad is their way. Muslims are not in America to be become Americans, they are here to either convert you to Islam, or enslave you, or kill you. Islam can not by their own law "the Qu'ran" co-exist with any other religion or government. Each Mosque is a fortress and training center for Jihadis. They use our laws against us, and every Mosque is a victory in the eyes of Islam. They came, they saw, they conquered. Do not place your trust in your Muslim neighbor.
Doubting the ways of Islam and denying the ultimate goals of these Muslims is plain foolishness, continued denial by Americans will result in neighborhood after neighborhood being swallowed up by Islam. Look at the U.K., the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Egypt and don't forget Canada. Islam is a pestilence and it is making it's way around the globe. The cure for this Muslim disease, is not ignorance. Islam must be confronted head on, and face to face. As most Islamic nations have found out, you must either fight the spread of Islam in your country, or your country will surely fall under Islamic rule. Along with Islamic rule, comes Sharia Law. Along with Sharia Law, comes be-headings, dismembering, and stoning.
Now that we have a president who's final goal appears to be the next Caliph, or the leader of the New World Order, either way, they are the same thing, sporting different names. We must remember that he (Obama) will always be on the side of the Muslims and Islam. When Egypt falls, and it will fall to the Muslim Brotherhood, the nation of Israel will be the last man standing in the Middle-east. A nation surrounded by nations that hate Jews and Christians. The entire Middle-east will be one huge Muslim Empire (ref: The Ottoman Empire) and war with Israel is eminent. For Israel to survive, they will need the help of the United States, will they be able to count on America's help? If president Obama is president when that time comes, I believe that America will stand by and idly watch as Israel defends itself. But Israel will not be defeated, God will intervene on behalf of His chosen people. The enemies of Israel will be vanquished. It is my prayer that America does not become Israel's enemy. The wrath of God will not be kind to those who curse Israel.
"The Watchman"
Ulla Tempore' Ullo Situ

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