Sunday, February 6, 2011


What do these two guys have in common with the center picture? On the left we have Masoud Bajestani and to the right, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Believe it or not, the man on the left Mr. Masoud Bajestani was just recently fired, (although not admittedly) by the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority). Does anyone recognize Mr. Bajestani? I didn't either, as a matter of fact I didn't even know that the TVA would actually hire, and put in control of Tennessee's Nuclear Power Plants, a man that hold dual citizenship, Iranian and American. It appears that Mr. Bajestani told a few lies regarding his finances, and sent some substantial dough to relatives in Iran, by substantial I mean close to a million dollars U.S. He was allowed to withdraw $1.5 million dollars from his deferred compensation account in 2007 by claiming a financial hardship, which by the way didn't exist. Mr. Bajestani also fired a TVA employee for blowing the whistle on safety concerns he found and reported them to the TVA, only to be brushed aside. The employee then voiced his concerns to the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission). After some investigation, the NRC found the employee to be correct. The employee was a lead startup engineer on the first Watts Bar reactor project. He was fired on July 5, 1994 by Bajestani. Bajestani claimed the employee was fired because he had been absent from work, and was no longer needed, and that the employee had used unauthorized overtime. The Department of Labor found otherwise.

What I find disturbing is, how did Masoud Bajestani get hired for the extremely sensitive position as Head of the $2.5 billion dollar nuclear building project at TVA's Watts Bar plant in the first place. What perhaps, should be even more disturbing, is who, I mean what idiot, or group of idiots in the TVA would actually place an Iranian citizen in that position. My question for the TVA is, haven't any of you ever heard of Iran, or Ahmadinejad, or Muslim Brotherhood, or terrorist, or insurgent? Was it Mr. Bajestani's name that threw all of you off? Was there something there that made you think that Iran is, oh... I don't know, a suburb in New Jersey? Suffice to say, there appear to be more than a few unanswered questions. I'm going to drop a few names, perhaps the next time there is a rate hike in Tennessee's and surrounding states who obtain power from the TVA, the energy consumers will at least know who to call or write.

Tom Kilgore, President and CEO of TVA

Ashok S. Bhatnagar, Senior Vice President of Nuclear Generation and Developement

Kenneth Breeden, Executive Vice President of Customer Relations

Steve Byone, Vice President Controller

Preston D. Swafford, Chief Nuclear Officer & Executive Vice President of Nuclear Generation

At the risk of putting myself out on a limb, I would say that at least 4 out of these five had something to do with putting an Iranian citizen in control of Tennessee's nuclear facilities. I am hoping that someone has been keeping track of this man's email, phone conversations and money transfers for the past several years. What do you want to bet, no one has any idea what this man has been doing with the sensitive nuclear information he has been privy to all these years, or how much of it he has passed along to his President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

God Help Us

"The Watchman"

Ulla Tempore' Ullo Situ

TVA nuke project chief who left job had fired whistle-blower The Tennessean

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  1. As a x wife of his. The first wife of his for twenty three years and three children . I often wondered the same thing. Espeacially when we were divorced in 2000. He left me with three children. Lied about his assessts and we were left with nothing.I thought if he could do this to his family what could he do to our country. I often thought why he was put in this position and expressed my concerns many times after the divorce to TVA. I now live on food stamps and depend on the government for assistance. My children have suffered greatly.I tried to take him back to court for false statements in court about his income but, no money for a lawyer. I am presently attending college. I am living off of financial aide until I get my degree in nursing.I was young and dumb . Never again !!!!!


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