Saturday, September 4, 2010


Yes, being politically correct is "Socially Condoned Lying"

Being truly politically correct, is destroying any reasonable differences between black and white, right and wrong, good and evil, fear and comfort, recognizing the enemy and pretending he doesn't exist, etc., etc.
The truth shall set you free, but only if you are allowed to tell the truth, according to the law. It seems that we in the civilized world have become so politically correct, that if the truth hurts, well... just don't say it. For example: If there is a terrorist attack somewhere in the world, you can't call it that, it must be referred to as a "man caused disaster". If the attack was perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, well, you can say that either, the perpetrators must be referred to as "misunderstanders of Islam." However, due to the double standard of Political Correctness, if the "man caused disaster" was perpetrated by "misunderstanders of Christianity", it would be okay, and quite acceptable to call the perpetrators "Christians". To understand this double standard one must actually attempt to find some logic to Political Correctness in the first place. I've tried to make something as illogical as P.C. into something logical, and it really can't be done. I can however shed a little light on the idea behind P.C.. The entire though process is as follows: Do not insult any person, form of government, religion, cult, false God, or false prophet, because any, or all of them may seek revenge; blow up innocent people, engage in violent public reprisals, or behead you and your family. Of course it is quite well documented that Christians and Jews won't fight back, so throwing insults in their direction is safe and easy to do. Plus, there's a bonus, if you insult, and or persecute Christians and Jews, the Nation of Islam will look upon you with favor, and that of course is a good thing, especially if you are one of those slimy two-faced politicians who would throw your own brother to the dogs, for a few pieces of silver, or barrels of oil. There's an analogy there somewhere, isn't there?
The best way to put it, is to read Robert Weissberg's Five Political Correctness Commandments:
1) Thou Shalt Not Offend.
2) Thou Shalt Not Even Think Offensive Thoughts.
3) Thou Shalt Purge Society of Evil Thoughts.
4) Thou Shalt Be One's Own Censor.
5) Thou Shalt Reward the Offended by Taking From the Sinner.
By clicking on the above link to: "How Political Correctness Destroys The Brain" you'll be able to Robert Weissberg's detailed explanation of each of the above commandments.
The implementation of Political Correctness came out of the sixty's generation of hippies, and flower power, and Vietnam War protests. Back when it was acceptable for Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane) to fraternize with the enemy, and betray American POW's to their captors. Back when it was okay to spit on soldiers returning from Vietnam, calling them baby killers, and murderers. At the same time, these same people espoused that it was wrong to offend anyone. The same girl who spit on me at Los Angeles Airport, was handing out flowers to civilians and saying "peace", "peace. I would have taken her aside and explained that I was fighting for my country, and doing what I felt was correct. Perhaps I could have instilled in her, some understanding about duty, and honor, but the drug induced blank stare on her face brought me back to reality, and I passed up the opportunity. Perhaps I shouldn't have passed it up, as these same people are now running our country, and that's really, really, scary. I guess none of them ever thought that calling returning warriors "baby killers" was offensive to us. That's the P.C. double standard again.
Political Correctness, like Liberalism, is a mental disorder, it's even hereditary in it's nature. It's also passed on through "indoctrination education." People who suffer from these affliction's, have very little chance of ever being cured. The worst possible scenario, is that; the disease will continue to go viral, as it is already spreading world wide in epidemic proportions even as we speak.
In God there is truth, and Jesus told us: "I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except through Me." Without this truth, the world would be lost. Our Faith will help us to seek and find the truth, no matter how bad things get.

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