Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It appears that many of the crooks in government get sworn in at the same time. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. But I've still got a hundred or so words left in my journalistic repertoire regarding the Washington, D.C. elected thieves. Above is a picture taken of Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson and Barack Hussein Obama getting sworn in to the United States Congress. With a little imagination, you can visualize that both Obama and Johnson have their fingers crossed behind their backs. This post however, isn't really about Barack Obama, or Bernice Johnson, it's about the rampant corruption in D.C.

Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson awarded some $20,000.00 in scholarships to relatives and friends. According to the Dallas Morning News, Ms. Johnson awarded 15 scholarships to two grandsons, two great nephews, and aide Rod Givens' children between 2005 and 2008. The 2009 awards, reflected in a previously undisclosed list provided Monday by the foundation, push the amount to more than $25,000.00.

Ms. Johnson had an excuse though, she said: "While I'm not ashamed of helping, I did not intentionally mean to violate any rules in the process." After being hounded by her critics in this matter she followed up with this statement: "To rectify this matter immediately, I will reimburse the funds by the end of this week." I guess that will make it all better, and life will just go on as normal for Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson.

Let's just analyze this women's statements. "While I'm not ashamed of helping" Well Ms. Johnson, you should be ashamed, as a matter of fact, you should never show your face again to your constituents. Do you not understand what you did wrong Bernice? You took money that was set aside for well deserving young men and women who should have been awarded those scholarships, and you gave the money to your grand children, nephews and children of your top aide. In a court of law, that is I believe grand theft, justice would be drumming out of Congress, with forfeiture of all pay and retirement benefits. Perhaps some serious jail time is also in order. "I didn't intentionally mean to violate any rules in the process." What exactly does that mean Ms. Johnson? You didn't intentionally mean to get caught, or is there a way to steal money from the scholarship fund without breaking the rules? Oh, yes Ms. Johnson you did in fact intentionally steal money from young people and give it to your family and friends. "To rectify this matter immediately, I will reimburse the funds by the end of the week." That is pathetic!!! You expect all this thievery to be swept under the carpet, because you repay the money that you stole? Repaying stolen money isn't restitution Ms. Johnson. If I were a judge, I would sentence you to not only repay the stolen funds, but force you to go back through the records, find the names of the correct recipients and reimburse them for the college education they didn't receive due to you selfish pilfering of funds.

The final nail was Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson's pledge to "change how she selects recipients for the scholarships." As the "Church Lady" would say: "Well, isn't that special." In other words Rep. Johnson you're either not going to choose recipients from your own family album, or from your closest friend's children, or you're going to find a way to funnel more money to them, without getting caught, or breaking the rules.

A person, can unintentionally break the rules once, maybe even twice, but 23 times, well, that sounds pretty intentional to this writer. What happened, in my opinion, Rep. Johnson awarded one or two scholarships to the grand kids, and nobody discovered the pilferage, so she just figured why not just keep going. What Representative Johnson did, was a criminal act, and she deserves to be punished for stealing. Charges should be filed, and a trial should ensue, and she should pay her debt to society. Unfortunately, I don't think that will happen, Rep. Johnson has friends in high places, if Barack Obama can halt the prosecution of a terrorist, he can certainly get Ms. Johnson off the hook on this one, and he probably will. So, Eddie Bernice Johnson, will follow in the footsteps of men like, Charlie Rangle, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and the biggest thief in Washington, D.C., the great Obama himself. The combination to the public vault is in their hands America.

November elections are right around the corner, make this one count, there may not be a country to save if we don't.

"THOU SHALL NOT STEAL" (God) It doesn't get any plainer than that!!!


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