Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Supporters come together over Murfreesboro mosque | Nashville City Paper

It never ceases to amaze me, the naivete' of Americans, that is. It almost seems that some of us relish the thought of "Dhimmitude". What is "Dhimmitude"? It is the state of being a "Dhimmi". A "Dhimmi" is a slave to Islam. "Dhimmis" are what Muslims make of conquered Christians, Jews, and other non-believers. Of course if you just happen to be a homosexual, well, that is punishable by death. I think that the Christian clergy, surprise me most with their complete ignorance of what Islam is all about. I begin to cringe when I hear a Catholic priest or a Baptist minister take a stand for Islam. Yet, that is exactly what's happening in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It's like I just want to ask them if they've ever read the Qu'ran? I want to ask them, have you ever listened to Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, or Bridget Gabriel, the worlds leading expert on Islam and Terrorists? It, in a way saddens me to see, that without knowing anything about Islam, Imams, Muslims, and Terrorists, that priests and ministers defend Islam as if it were a actual religion. Islam, is not a religion, it is at the very least a cult. What is it about Islam that either fascinates the Christian clergy, or is capable of deceiving them so easily? It bothers me that Christians will vehemently defend Islam, but will condemn Mormons, there is no logic to it!!! I mean, has anyone ever seen or heard of a Mormon strapping a bomb to his/her body, and blowing up Christians, anywhere in the world, anywhere???
Not surprising, was the reaction to FBI agents assigned to the Murfreesboro Mosque, for protection. Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations) responded to the FBI assignment this way: "It is feared that the agents will collect information on ordinary worshippers." What???? Believe me Murfreesboro residents, it isn't the ordinary worshippers that this guy is concerned about, it's the extra-ordinary worshippers!!! The ones who belong to the infamous Muslim Brotherhood, the most radical and violent of Muslim organizations. Oh yes, Murfreesboro, the Muslim Brotherhood will be alive and well in this Mosque, as they are in all Mosques around the country.
Of course if you feel these Muslims are of the peaceful moderate type, well then all I can say is be vigilant, arm yourselves, because when the fatwa comes down, your moderate Muslims will turn on you, make no mistake about it.
I pray that those who will be living near this Murfreesboro Mosque, will take all the necessary precautions. You see, Islam wants to rule the world, and they will not allow Murfreesboro citizens to stand in the way.

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