Friday, September 3, 2010


Once again, the warning flags are up and waving. The above video was taken by hidden camera in the city of Paris. Murfreesboro, TN., New York City, and all the other American and Canadian cities that have reached out to Islam. Watch this video, and see your future. The alarm is sounding, wake up America before it's too late!!!
One can not emphasize enough the dire ramifications of appeasing Islam will be on our nation. The continuous kowtowing to this false and self professed peaceful religion, will bring certain misery to all the people of America. Unless you find the sound of being called to prayer five times a day enchanting, you may want to rethink your opinion of Islam.
If you are Christian, you will be persecuted beyond your wildest imagination, if you are Jew, the same will happen. Once these Islamic centers and Mosques are established, more and more Muslims will come. They will take over your schools, and your local government. They will establish Sharia Law. When the Muslim population becomes the majority, it will also be the dominant force in your neighborhood. Your taxes will be used for schools to provide special Halal meals for Muslim students. They will protest anything Christian in your area, remember, Muslims are not appeased forever, only until they become dominant, then their demands will increase. They will use political correctness and the freedom of religion laws to gain special treatment in your area.
Please watch the above video, and heed it's warning.
Just one question that you must ask: Where are all these Muslims coming from? I'm under the impression that Illegal Mexicans aren't the only Illegal Immigration problem that America needs to deal with. Take a stand in your neighborhood, the way of life you've grown accustomed to, will soon fall by the wayside, if this blind tolerance of the enemy continues.
God Help This Nation

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