Monday, September 6, 2010


Islam, the sunshine and lollipops, rainbows and roses, peaceful and serene Faith of the Muslim people.

Yes America, the wonderfully peaceful faith of Islam is still at it. The other day in Afghanistan, the Taliban sent poison gas into a girls school. You see, girls aren't supposed to get an education in Afghanistan. So those brave Taliban studs decided for the ninth time, to poison the little girls. Do I hear an outcry from the so-called Moderate Muslims, I didn't think so, nothing but silence. Islam, peaceful, my horses patoot. Where are all the International Human Rights Organizations and Activists? No where to be found. Isn't it amazing that the President of the United States, can file human rights violations with the United Nations on the state of Arizona, but he says nothing about the lack of human rights in the Arab countries. Wonder why? I don't!

January 2008: Sarah and Amina Said were brutally murdered by their father. The two teens, Sarah age 17, and Amina age 18 were shot point blank in the father's taxi cab. Amina was killed efficiently with two well places shots to her chest, however, according to the coroner, Sarah was actually tortured by gun shot wounds. There were several gunshots in her outer extremities, in order to prolong her death. The father said his daughters dishonored his family, because they had become to westernized. This is America, isn't it? You barbaric lunatic!!!

February, 2009: Aasiya Hassan was beheaded by her husband, at their own TV station in Orchard Park, Buffalo, NY. She wanted a divorce, obviously her husband Muzzammil had other ideas. She of course dishonored the family, so hubby chopped her head off.

July, 2010: Noor Almaleki a teenage girl was run down by her father on a street corner, in Phoenix, AZ. she too, was dishonoring daddy's family, because she was wearing tight jeans.
These acts of barbarism are all encouraged and condoned under Sharia Law, don't believe me, here is one more for you to ponder: Jordan: A young Muslim girl was discovered dating a young Catholic boy. Her father decided that she must have already had sexual relations with the young man, so he waited until she came home one night and then, in front of her brother, stabbed Dalia 17 times. He said he stabbed her 17 times in various places so that medical personnel would not be able to revive her. Under Sharia Law, her father was tried and convicted of an Honor Murder, he was sentenced to 3 months in prison. Dalia's older brother who stood by and did nothing, was not even arrested.
So America, let's keep defending these Mosques, and the people who build them. After all, their faith is one of peace and tranquility. They are the victims, aren't they? Build more Mosques, bring more Muslims into your neighborhood. That's right, be politically correct, defend their right to religious freedom. Religion, my eye! Haven't any of you ever asked yourselves why are they coming to the west? They hate our way of life, they can not abide by our laws, as they are only loyal to Islam. They barbarically murder their children for becoming westernized. Did they really think by moving to America that their children wouldn't become Americanized? Could they possibly be that naive? No, America, they are not naive. The only reason Muslims come to America is to establish Islamic supremacy and Sharia Law, and further the expansion of Islam. Those are the only reasons. There is no intention to assimilate to our western culture, or to become friends. They are here to infiltrate, conquer, and dominate this country. If you are for some reason, unable to grasp that concept, then you are too, too, gullible. By being gullible, makes you culpable in aiding the advancement of Islam in the United States.
Wake up America, the enemy is in the camp. Wake your friends, inform the uninformed.

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