Sunday, June 20, 2010


Ever since the first Army was organized, there have always been communication signals, there had to be, how else would the soldiers know what to do, and when. During the era of the Kahns, the Horde army used various colors of flags, and different sounds of the horn to communicate to the men in back of the skirmish line, what was awaiting them when they reached the front. The Roman Legions used flags and trumpets for the same reason. This practice was carried on, even into World War I. Even the navy's of the world got into the act, they would raise flags of various designs to indicate weather conditions, positions of other ships, and location of the enemy vessels. These communication systems still hold true today. One thing of utmost importance in any battle situation, is communication between commanders and their sub-commanders. When to "Charge", when to "Retreat" were vital to an army or navy's success. If the wrong flag was raised, or the wrong sound was blown from the trumpet, it could very well mean life or death for troops in the field, not to mention life or death to the trumpeter or flagman.

America's troops, from the Generals to the Privates, are getting false, mixed, and unclear signals from our Commander In Chief (I use the term loosely). Our troops are fighting against a formidable enemy, in some of the most perilous, and threatening elements, both in location, and adverse weather conditions. Although our troops fight bravely, and courageously, they need more than that personal stamina to be victorious. They need strong, resolute, and determined leaders. They need the communication to be clear, and distinct. Unfortunately, what the troops are getting from the White House, are rules of engagement which tie their hands, and make it impossible to wage a war that will result in victory. Afghanistan, is now America's longest war, I believe it was also Russia's longest war. We can not win a war against this middle eastern enemy, unless we have Field Commanders with orders to fight to win. The orders that are being handed down are, "fight not to lose". It's time for our Field Generals, to stand up to our president, and tell him in no uncertain terms, he doesn't know any more about running a war, than he does about running a country! (Unless you consider running a country into the ground). When the White House indicates it wants to commission a combat medal for "restraint", it's surely time to pack it in, and bring the men and women home. A medal earned in a combat situation for exercising restraint, is a medal for "cowardice in the face of the enemy." I rate the "Medal of Restraint", right up there with "Draft Dodger's Amnesty Award" for deserting their country, and there fellow citizens in the face of the enemy in Vietnam. When the leader of your country does not share the enthusiasm of the troops he sends to be in harms way, there are only two things you can do, impeach Obama, or bring the troops home. I vote we begin with impeaching the treasonous president.

Only a president who never had the courage to serve his country in the military would come up with a "Medal of Courageous Restraint". Neither Obama, or Clinton, took their turn on the wall, never stood side by side with comrades in combat. We had a name for people like them in the Corps, and it definitely wasn't Commander In Chief. I think the medal should be designated as the "Obama/Clinton Medal of Cowardice", and should be immediately retired to the "Hall of Shame" along with it's namesakes. The medal would sure give a whole new meaning to the term "Yellow Ribbon", perhaps Obama could even have a "no fight song" to go with it, pathetic!!!

God Bless Our Troops!!!

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