Monday, June 21, 2010


It appears that Barack Obama has chosen his Oil Spill Panel to investigate the Deep Water Horizon catastrophe. As usual, the panel is 99% political, and 1% technical in it's expertise. Out of seven investigative panelists, Obama could only find one with any kind of applied science or engineering education, unfortunately his education is in optics, and physics. However, it is said that the "panel members" will be the ones consulting the best minds and subject matter experts, whatever that means. Needless to say, most of the panel members are there to bolster the case against BP, and of course steer any blame away from Obama and the current administration. I wouldn't have expected anything less from this White House.

One of the panel members is environmental activist Frances Beinecke who wrote in her blog: "We can blame BP for the disaster and we should. We can blame lack of adequate government oversight for the disaster and we should. But in the end, we must also place the blame where it originated: America's addiction to oil." And it is that statement, that has led me to pen this particular blog post.

I have researched several environmental activist websites, and documents over the past twenty years or so, and I have found that all of the accusations point out the same violations, some with credence, most without. I hear the environmental organizations telling me over and over again what is wrong, what we can not do, what we should not do. I have yet to hear any individual environmentalist, or environmental group come up with one "viable" alternative to petroleum, nope, not one. Telling it like it is, is basically rehashing what we are all aware of. There are many supposed experts who are telling me like is, like it should be, but short of putting us all in the "Wayback" machine, and sending the entire population of the world to the stone age, I haven't heard one expert come up with a viable plan. As for Ms. Frances Beinecke, I sincerely hope she will be doing her part by walking to Washington, D.C. for this panel meeting. While she is there with her other environmental activists on the panel, I see no reason for them to meet in an air conditioned office, with fluorescent or incandescent lighting, (if they can find an incandescent bulb in D.C.) Of course, if they should have to report to "The One", I'm also sure that the White House is within walking distance. Do you see how ridiculous that entire scenario sounds. America, and the world are dependent on oil/petroleum, and other fossil fuels, like coal, and wood. It's not an addiction, it's a necessity for the survival of the human species. It's like owning an automobile, sixty or seventy years ago, the car was a luxury, not today. Actually not for the past forty years. The automobile replaced the horse, and the truck replaced the horse and buggy. I know how dirty a word it is to environmentalists, but the whole thing about the Industrial Revolution is, it's "Progress". Yes, the internal combustion engine runs on refined crude oil, that is gasoline, and diesel fuel. The industrialized world isn't just burning and combusting this petroleum, oil is lubricating every moving metal part from your electric can opener, to your lawn mower, to your engine in the jet that transports you. It is anything but an addiction. Oil has been the life blood of every industrialised nation since the turn of the century, and I'm not talking 2000 either.
So far, from all I've read, and I've read plenty, the environmental movement is against, oil, oil refining and drilling anywhere, they are against natural gas, and natural gas drilling anywhere, they are against coal, coal burning, and coal mining anywhere. They are against nuclear power, and the building of nuclear power plants anywhere. The are against hydro-electric, and building new dams to produce hydro-electric power anywhere. The environmentalist used to be pro wind power, until a couple birds got killed, although I fail to see how that could happen. Those wind turbine blades turn a lot slower than any bird I've ever seen flying. Then they were pro solar electric power, oops, not any more, it seems the desert solar farms are not only unsightly, but they threaten the desert Eco-system, so we can't have those either. Which brings me back to the title of this blog post; Alright, what's your answer???
I am all in favor of cleaning up the planet, pollution is something we can remedy. However, until someone comes up with a viable alternative to petroleum (oil), coal and natural gas, cleaning the atmosphere is one of those pipe dreams that ideologists have. If you cut out the oil, cut out the coal, cut out the natural gas, you end up cutting your own throat. That is the fact of it all. So, Ms. Frances Beinecke, the next time you write in your blog, while you're typing take a long look at that plastic laptop, or desktop you're using. The plastic was heated and molded by fossil fuel burning, somewhere on this planet, and the injection mold machine that shaped your computer was lubricated by oil in some form or another. Regardless of how loud the environmentalist screams, no matter how much you whine and cry, the world will not go back to the stone age for you, live with it. Turn your attention, and focus on to something worthwhile, instead of whining about how terrible things are, focus on coming up with a solution. Because truly viable solutions are the one thing environmentalists have not been able to come up with.
The environmental activist community, should be working on their credibility, especially now that Al Gore did so much for your cause. We all know that Global Warming was a giant scam, and you can keep pushing that agenda if you want to, but it's not flying anymore. The global warming people have cried wolf, too many times, and thanks to Our Lord, and His Divine Plan the earth is cooling, and has been cooling for ten years. Praise God.

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