Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Judge's Ruling On Drilling Moratorium, is A Joke To Obama

Once again, Obama's message to the American people is abundantly clear.

Obama's rules of engagement in Afghanistan are designed for our troops to fail, and or subsequently die in order to get medals for Courageous Restraint. The Oil spill is still gushing, because Obama wants to make sure the Cap & Trade Bill is passed. BP is taking the heat, because Obama, although in charge, will not take any responsibility. Obama will still not waive the Jones Act, so that other countries can enter the Gulf to aide in the clean up, but Obama owes the unions, so only union recovery barges will be used. Obama places a six month offshore drilling moratorium on domestic oil rigs, but then simultaneously uses two billion dollars of taxpayer money to invest in a Brazilian owned oil company (PETROBRAS) to finance deep water oil exploration and drilling. The American/Mexico border still looks like a sieve, and there is no Obama plan to order it closed. Obama sues the state of Arizona over their Illegal Immigration Law that merely bolsters Federal Immigration Laws that he won't enforce. Obama has a plan in the works to enact an Amnesty Law by Executive Order and give American citizenship to 12-20 million Illegal Mexican nationals. Obama has signed a law that allows INTERPOL to act with impunity in the United States. The ObamaCare Bill was shoved down the throats of the American people. Obama has seized control over 60% of the industries in America, everything from auto manufacturing to student loans, and energy. I'm sure I've missed something, but this should be enough to wake up even the most ardent Obama supporter. If it's a socialist country you want to live in, then it's coming closer to reality every day. If you want everyone to be on a level playing field, where you give up your earned money to those who refuse to earn their own money, it's happening. Before you think that redistribution of wealth is a good concept, better think twice, because it's your wealth Obama intends to redistribute, not his. If you want to be forced to share your home, your land, your food, and pay for inferior health care, well, it's coming, and it's coming fast.
If you are opposed to Socialism, Communism, Marxism, and a One World Order, you need to stand up an vote for a Conservative majority in the Senate and House this November. If there are local elections in your area, you need to vote Conservative there too. Good, responsible government starts from the ground up. If aren't registered to vote, get registered. If you've never voted before, shame on you, but there is no better time than now to rectify that shortcoming. This November is America's last chance to stay free. If Nancy Pelosi is still carrying the gavel in the House come January 2011, this country, and our freedom are doomed. In my opinion, if conservatives do not win overwhelmingly in November 2010, then there will be no free Presidential Election in 2012.

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