Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Does anyone realize that if it hadn't been for racial profiling, during the second world war, we probably wouldn't have been able to recognize the enemy. I mean, for example, the cartoon above really kind of says it all, at least as far as the European Theatre was concerned. Taking into consideration the Pacific Theatre, who would we have fought, if you couldn't recognize the enemy as Japanese?
I guess, it's a matter of uniforms, isn't it? If the Nazi's weren't wearing those snappy uniforms, could we tell them apart from Austrians? The Japanese uniforms made it pretty easy too, their uniforms were easily identifiable. The problem these days is that uniforms have become a thing of the past. Only we civilized nations still put our warriors in uniform. The Arabs have learned not to use uniforms, this way they blend in with civilians, pretty cagey, but nothing new really. In the past, like way back to WWII and Vietnam, it was called guerrilla warfare. I suppose it can't be referred to as "guerrilla" warfare for fear of offending a guerrilla somewhere.
Let's put racial profiling in perspective. Every single race has been the subject of racial profiling, at one time or another. For instance; If the police are searching for an alleged bank robber, and the bank employee said the robber had, blond hair, blue eyes, was a white male, and drove away in a red truck. The police would subsequently be looking for a white male, in a red truck, with blond hair of course, and blue eyes. So, that adds up to a profile, and because they are looking for a white male, that makes it a "Racial Profile", doesn't it? After all, the police will not be stopping a black male driving a red truck, would they, of course not. Would the police in this situation be stopping Hispanic, oriental, or Indian looking males. The answer is no, because none of those fit the profile. So in this case, the police will be "targeting" white males, correct me if I'm wrong.
Profiling, is not wrong, it is however, common sense. If the alleged law breaker has been described as a Black, Oriental, Hispanic or India male, that is who the police must in fact be on the lookout for. I fail to see a flaw in this profiling procedure. Why is it only "racial profiling" when the police are hunting any race other than white (Caucasian)? But when they are hunting white, it's not "racial profiling"? Another perspective that people seem to be missing, especially in regards to the new Arizona Illegal Immigrant Law. I don't know about all of you, but when I've been pulled over for a traffic violation, regardless of the state, I am always asked by the law enforcement officer to produce a valid driver's license, and proof of insurance. If I do not produce these two items, then I am immediately background checked even further. Now, I do not have to prove I'm a citizen, but I can if I have too. If I am an Illegal Immigrant, chances are I can not produce a valid license, or proof of insurance, and if suspected of being in this country illegally, I would have to provide proof of citizenship. It's not racial profiling!!!
Being in America illegally, is against the law, much like having a rap sheet as long as your arm, if you are illegal, and that means what it says, "illegal" means you are breaking the law. If you are white, brown, black, red, or yellow, if you are a law breaker, then you will, and should be arrested for your crime. Being illegal, IS A CRIME!!! Because America is a nation of laws, if you are guilty of murder, robbery, assault, or for being here illegally, you should be arrested, and punished for your crime. If you are a murderer, then you will be sentenced according to your crime, and if you are an illegal alien, then you should be sentenced according to your crime. This is not Mexico, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, or Timbuktu, or wherever you came from, if you are in America illegally, you have in fact committed a crime, and should be punished.
America is up against armies without recognisable uniforms, and bad guys don't always wear the black hats. If profiling is what is needed to do the law enforcement job, get over it. If you aren't a citizen, then leave and don't come back until you can enter America legally.

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