Thursday, June 3, 2010


Once again, it appears that it's Israel against the rest of the world. Nation's are rising up against Israel, and it's not just the nations of the middle east either. This isn't the first time in history that this disgusting sentiment has raised it's ugly anti-Semitic head. In 1933, the Nazi persecution of the Jews in Germany began with a call for an economic boycott. Uniformed Nazi activists stood in protest at storefronts of Jewish owned businesses. The Star of David was painted on the buildings and the word "JEW". German's! Resist! were the protest words, urging Germans not to buy products from Jews. These demonstrations, were what triggered the Holocaust, and the annihilation of some six million Jews. Revelation 13:17: "And he provokes that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name on their right hand or on their forehead." Although this Anti-Christ as a human, has not materialized as yet, the sentiment of anti-Jew and anti-Christian certainly has.

This time, it is not the Nazis that are propagating the sentiment, but the Nation of Islam. Something to think about though, during the rise of the Third Reich, Hitler had at his disposal, an entire Battalion of volunteer Muslims, who were ready, willing, and able to kill Jews. It is also important to note, that many Christians were also murdered during the Holocaust. The persecution of Jews, is only the beginning, as Christians are also targets of Islam, as are all Infidels. A popular Muslim slogan you find in the middle east printed on flags and posters is, "First the Saturday people (Jews), and then the Sunday people (Christians)." Back in the 1930's it was Nazis, today it is Arab Islamists. Under the guise of supporting the Palestinians in their fight for a Palestinian state, the Muslims are using Palestinians as pawns in order to facilitate their attacks on Israel. In reality, Islam has very little concern for the Palestinians, and their plight. The Muslim goal is to turn the non-Muslim world, including the Christians, against Israel. Islam will demand a holy war against Jerusalem, and once Jerusalem is handed over to Islam, their next target will be the West. Make no mistake, these follower's of Muhammad are diabolical,and treacherous in their endeavors.

Please do not make the mistake in assuming that this is merely a Jewish problem. Muslim's hate Christians too. Consider this, there are 2.2 billion Christians in the world today, and over 100 million are being persecuted, and murdered by Muslims in various locales around the globe. That statistic alone should be enough to give Americans pause. Inviting Muslims into your neighborhood, is like inviting a rapist into your home. Please exercise extreme caution when dealing with Muslims, know, it is against their law to befriend an Infidel, and you are an Infidel, if you are not Muslim. Lies, and deceit are their way of doing business with Infidels. The Muslim in your community will use America's own laws of freedom, and liberty to put a stranglehold on local governments, they will demand special rights, because their religion demands it. It has already happened in many American schools, communities, and public areas. It is imperative that the radical influence of Islam in America be recognized for what it is, and be stopped in it's tracks.

God Help Us!!!!

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