Sunday, May 30, 2010


Contrary to the Obama administration, there are certain rules and techniques to winning a war. We all know that Obama is not interested in winning a war against our true enemy, and that is Islam. First we must understand, that for all practical purposes, Barack Hussein Obama is Muslim, and a proponent of the Islamic way. One simple question that has plagued my mind is: If Obama is not Muslim, how come he can recite the Qu'ran in the perfect melodious way he does? Just between you and me, that takes years of practice, and dedication, or simply put, if you're not Muslim, why learn it? Now that that point is made, we must move on.
In order to win a war, one must: 1.) Recognize who the enemy is. 2.) Know the enemy by name, and call him by name. 3.) Understand what goals your enemy has set for himself. 4.) Learn all the tactics he will use to achieve his victory over you. 5.) Understand your enemy's motivation for conflict. Now, let's place our facts on the table, shall we? Number one, our primary enemy is motivated by their religious and cultural quest for world domination. Number two, the enemy's name is Islam. Number three, the tactics they will, and are using, are deceit, terrorism, archaic violence against the innocent. Number four, the goal of Islam is to infiltrate, and conquer using our own constitutional laws against us, i.e., freedom of speech, and religion, until there is only one faith, and the entire world bows to Allah. Straight talk, the word Islam, means "submission", the word Muslim means " one who has submitted." The word Qu'ran means "recitation". It is necessary to understand that in the Muslim holy book, (the Qu'ran), there are passages, that promote and allow followers of Islam/Mohammad to lie, steal, rape, and kill, in order to gain Islam's objectives. Anyone who tells you different, is one of those who lie. Jihad, (holy war), is the obligation of every Qu'ran believing Muslim. The Muslim understanding of diplomacy is known as "al-Taqiyya", it means to disguise, or conceal ones beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings or intentions. It is also imperative that we know, according to Islam, speaking falsehoods is perfectly acceptable, if it is for the sake of Allah. Mohammad says, if you lie to an Infidel, it's really not lying.
The West must understand, that by simply allowing a Mosque to be built, according to Islam, you have ceded that land to Islam. Wherever the is a Mosque, the land becomes "sovereign property" of Islam. In essence, the more Mosques built in America, the more sovereign land is ceded to Islam. Interestingly enough, there are now 1,209 Mosques in America. That my friends is now property solely owned by Islam, and according to Muslim belief, it will belong to Islam forever. A Mosque, for all practical purposes is an embassy. If you live near a Mosque, I caution you to be vigilant, and aware of things happening in your neighborhood, as it is the Muslim's soul purpose, to infiltrate, and take over, you need to be aware of this. The following is a list of states with Mosques already in operation, and how many in each state.
North Carolina-34
District of Columbia-11
New York-140
There are 6 other states with 20 or more Mosques either in operation, or in the construction stages.

The Fox is already in the hen house, he must be trapped, at all costs, our very freedom, our way of life, our Christianity is at stake!!! Islam is a pestilence, a cancer, if you will?! The longer it takes to understand that America is infected, the more difficult it will be to cure the disease!!!
America needs revival, because we need Divine Intercession from our Lord...

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