Friday, May 28, 2010


Well, here's a couple of soldiers that will send the enemy running in fear. NOT!!! It's more likely the enemy will be laughing so hard, they'll just have to surrender, and perhaps submit to a spanking. I don't have anything against Gay people. I think their "practice" of homo-sexuality is an abomination unto the Lord. I think that many gay men and women could actually prove to be fierce fighters. I'm sure that many have already proven their military bearing on and off the battlefield. Of course they weren't openly sleeping with each other in the fox holes, or bunkers at the time. They also weren't holding hands, and kissing each other good morning on the way to the chow hall either. I have a feeling that if "Don't ask, don't tell" is repealed, our military bases will never be the same.
I don't think I have to tell our president that over 95% of our armed forces at this time, are straight, because he already knows it. This is just another way for our Muslim and Chief to weaken this nation. Obama knows that in order for this to work, straight men and women in the armed forces will have to be forced to share sleeping, and washing, and restroom facilities with openly gay men and women. Under don't ask, don't tell, the edge was off, a straight soldier was basically in the dark regarding the sexual persuasion of his comrade. The rules will no longer read that way, psychologically, the comfort zone will be stripped away, no pun intended! Of course the gays won't mind, but you can bet your "rainbow ribbons" the straight men and women will mind, and mind a lot!!! I'm afraid a mass exodus of straight men, and women from military service is in the offing, mark my words!!! I don't think there are enough gays in this country to man all the torpedoes, as it were.
The House vote to repeal the "Don't ask, don't tell" legislation passed 234-194. In the furthest stretches of my imagination, I could never actually find 234 idiots in congress, but there they are, proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Proof that you could find better qualified people to run this nation by merely randomly picking names from a phone book. Representative Patrick Murphy (Dem-Penn.) made this ridiculous statement: "I will not rest until the repeal of this discriminatory policy that hurts national security is signed into law." I'm still reeling from that one, how does the don't ask, don't tell policy hurt national security?
I feel that if gay military personnel have this yearning to tell everyone that they are GAY, then they should reveal their sexual persuasion to everyone, including the enemy. Lets just say we make these little rainbow flags for their uniforms, that way the Muslims will be able to recognize who they are shooting at. I know that Barack Obama knows how Muslims feel about gays, but he won't mind throwing gays under the bus, especially in a combat zone. For body count purposes, when ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of the Obama media air their daily war body count on the news, it will read like this: xx Americans died in Afghanistan or Iraq today, GAY-XX, STRAIGHT-XX, UNSURE-XX. Oh, wait a minute, we haven't received a daily body count from any of those middle east conflicts since Obama was sworn into office. When George Bush was President, the American public was proudly informed, by the Lame Stream Media each day, on the nightly news of every media outlet, including FOX. I guess that fallen soldiers are not as important now that it's Obama's war. There is no doubt that Obama doesn't care about national security, the Constitution, or this country as a whole for that matter. I believe he has his eyes focused on bigger things. He is pushing for Global Governance, as are all the Progressives. Obama, has aspirations of being the Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of the Global Community. Bottom, line the "Conspiracy Theory" is no longer a theory. The conspiracy being hatched in Washington, to destroy America, with Barack Hussein Obama at the helm, is as real as the oil slick in the Gulf of America (Mexico). Make no mistake, Barack Obama is not stupid, naive, or even a bumbling idiot. He is however, very diabolical, evil, and determined to succeed. He has surrounded himself with many of the most dangerous criminals in the country. He has appointed self professed Communists, Socialists, and Marxists to the highest and most powerful offices in this nation. Obama is ruthless, he takes no prisoners, and the few honest men and women in Washington know this to be true.
The only chance this nation has, is coming up in November, it is imperative that all Progressives be voted out of office, or at the very least rendered irrelevant, whether they are Democrat, or Republican. We must vote on our principles, and our morals. Remember, a Republican Progressive is every bit as dangerous as a Democrat Progressive.
God Help This Nation

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