Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mexican Invasion, Oh, Yes, It's Real Alright

In the above photos, you will see clear evidence that an estimated 70% of Illegal Mexican nationals skulking across our borders, do not have the touted yearning to be Americans. It is estimated as I said, that 70% of Mexicans place their loyalty to Mexico, so why are they here? Shouldn't their loyalty to Mexico make them want to be in their homeland, trying to make their own government attentive to their needs? The truth is, these people are illiterate, and they're being taught that America stole the southwestern states from the Aztecs. Which by the way, is totally bogus, as no Aztecs ever in history, occupied any of we call the American Southwest. The picture above left, is what Hispanic students did at Montebello High School in Montebello, CA. The point they were making, is that Mexico has in fact conquered California. The picture above right, is evidence to how far back this invasion began. The newspaper article that accompanied the picture, read as follows: Backers of illegal immigration near Los Angeles took down the American Flag at a U.S. Post Office, stomped on it, and replaced it with the Mexican Flag. Police officers from the Maywood, CA. police department had rocks and bottles thrown at them as they approached the pole, to remove the Mexican Flag. This occurred in 2006. The Montebello High incident was much more recent.

It appears that there is some serious skulduggery in the works here. I refuse to believe that all Mexican Illegals are intent on overthrowing the U.S. government, and seizing control of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California. However, Americans are enabling these Illegals through social programs, through churches, and charities, and employers, which must come to a screeching halt. There are however, some Mexican, and American leaders amongst the ranks of Illegals. These leaders are Progressives, and the Progressives have many Illegals convinced that America owes them something. It's simply a ploy to cause upheaval in our southwestern states. (Google "Cloward and Piven Strategy). Control, and redistribution of wealth. More smoke screens to keep America's eyes focused in one direction, while Obama is diabolically accomplishing something, somewhere else. The Progressives have no real concern for the Illegals they are coaxing into these demonstrations, they would like to give them all amnesty, that's for sure. If 12 to 20 million illegals are given amnesty by the democrat party, guess who the new citizens will be voting for in November. We need to understand, there is no real Democrat Party left. The Party was hijacked many years ago by Progressives. It is the goal of these progressives to undermine America's economy, which they are doing quite well. Think about it, this huge influx of Mexican nationals is causing tremendous financial strain to every state. The progressives are flooding the entitlement systems in this country to the point of bankrupting it. Why isn't the President doing something to stop this? Because President Obama is a PROGRESSIVE, he wants to see this nations economy collapse on itself. Once the financial collapse occurs, then the One World Government can be put into place. That is the agenda of Progressives. Look at how our systems have been overloaded since Obama's inauguration. Our auto industry has been collapsed, our banking and mortgage industries have been collapsed, our education system is in a shambles, virtually everything this administration has touched, has collapsed, and is now being control by Obama and his Czars. Obama has made both houses of congress irrelevant, and even the Supreme Court is not safe from the Obama multi-nationalist takeover. One World Government, with Obama in control, that's the ultimate goal, make no mistake about it. Obama is not afraid of the 2012 election, because if he has his way, the New World Order will be in place by then, and his position will be secure. No free election in 2012, unless America finds some way of ousting Obama, either by vote, or by force. Hopefully we can nullify his accomplishments by taking control of the House and Senate this coming November. In my heart of hearts, I am convinced that if things are not changed in this upcoming mid-term election, this country, and our way of life as we know it will perish. Our grandchildren will never know Freedom and Liberty.
God help our nation!!!

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