Thursday, May 27, 2010


President Obama is at it again, yep, his lips are moving, and the lies are billowing out faster than the oil in the Gulf Of Mexico. Why does it have to be the Gulf of Mexico, anyway? Can't it be the Gulf of America? Sorry, I digress. Back to the case at hand. It appears that Rep. Joe Sestak has made a formal statement, that the Obama White House attempted to bribe Rep. Sestak with a White House job offer, in order to persuade him to drop his name from the Pennsylvania Democrat primary. It seems the White House wanted to make sure that Arlen Spector got the nomination. "Benedict Arlen", as Senator Spector is now fondly referred too, couldn't really decide if he should remain a Republican and vote like a far left Democrat, or jump the Republican ship and become a Democrat... Well, we all know he decided to jump overboard from the USS Republican, and swim over to the USS Liberal. The trouble was that no one on the USS Liberal would through this guy a life preserver, they just watched him sink. The latest Democrat Primary, was "Benedict Arlen's" Waterloo as it were. The President tried to toss Arlen a lifeline, but it was way to late, and the USS Republican and the USS Liberal watched as old "Benedict Arlen" go down for that third time.

The real crime here is that Obama offered a bribe to help Arlen Spector, I believe that's illegal, but then again, the Obama White House is used to stomping the U.S. Constitution and most laws right into the ground. In Obama's own words: "I can assure the public that nothing improper happened." Fortunately for the American people, we've all heard that line from Obama before. Does the Louisiana Purchase ring a bell? This has got to be the most sordid, and underhandedly dishonest President this country ever elected to office. Barack Hussein Obama has lied to so many, about so much, that I'm having a tough time remembering what all he's lied about and to whom. I don't know how this chronic deceiver keeps it all straight. Worse yet, how does he sleep at night? The best is yet to come, however. Obama plans on making a public statement very soon to answer the Sestak allegation. This should be good. Obama's statement will more than likely be aired on prime time television. I caution everyone planning to watch, wear you tallest boots, perhaps hip-waders if you own some. I have a feeling the slimy stuff is going to get mighty in the TV rooms of America. If you don't live in Tennessee, then you didn't have a chance to experience that flood of a few weeks past. Well ladies and gentlemen, here comes your perfect opportunity wade through the mud and the muck of lies and deceit. No Coast Guard on this one, no rescue boats are coming, the American citizen will be on their own this speech night. Please don't be too surprised if Obama finds a way to blame this one on George Bush. Oh c'mon you know he can do it!!! Has Obama taken any responsibility for anything his covey of Commies he has on staff has perpetrated on this nation? No he hasn't, I rest my case.

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