Friday, May 21, 2010


Exact opposite, contrary, contrast, converse, and counter: No matter which definition you choose, you'll be correct when describing the relation between Islam, and any other religion, or government.
The definitions above are the precise reason Islam, and any other religion can not occupy the same space for any length of time. Islam will not conform to what they refer to as man-made laws. Muslims believe in Sharia Law; the laws handed down from Mohammad. It is against Islam to adhere to a law from anywhere, or anyone else.
It is impossible, if one understands the Islamic faith, to expect any loyalty to the United States Constitution, or any oath they may take to defend the Constitution. The western world can not expect a Muslim in the U.S. military to carry out any orders that are contrary to the Qu'ran. It, is not the way of Islam to pledge allegiance to anyone, or anything other than Allah, or Mohammad.
It is irresponsible for the military to expect a Muslim to carry out orders that are forbidden in the Qu'ran, i.e., killing of fellow Muslims for killing Infidels. A Muslim, will not follow this order. It is impossible for a Muslim to hold any U.S. government office, as he/she swears allegiance to Allah and Mohammad only. To expect a Muslim in public office to defend, and or enforce constitutional law, is an exercise in futility, because it is against all things that Muslims believe in.
Imam's in America have made it perfectly clear that they are not in the United States to be one of many religions, but instead, they are here to replace the Christian and Jewish faith's with Islamic faith. That is the goal of every single Qu'ran believing Muslim in America. Make no mistake about that! The idea that Islam and Christian and Jew can exist in the same country, is a far, fetched idea, to say the least. Christianity, is a religion of tolerance, Islam is a religion in intolerance. Just ask yourself these questions: How many Christian Churches are in the Middle Eastern countries? Why are Christians not allowed to own property or businesses in predominately Muslim countries? Why are women in Muslim countries considered to be only 1/2 of a man? Why in many Muslim countries are women/girls subjected to genital mutilations? If you are really open minded, and liberal in your thinking, ask this: Why are gays and lesbians hanged in Muslim countries?
Before we advocate tolerance of Islamic faith in America, we had better consider the ramifications of such and invitation. Once Islam has a foothold, they will not let go, and they will not go away. Remember the ultimate goal of Islam, is to rule the world. Also, keep in mind, that the Qu'ran believing Muslim does not care if you are Christian, Jew, Straight, Gay, Black, White, Red, or Brown in color, if you don't worship Allah, you are an Infidel, and you must be converted, or you must be eradicated. They do not care if they must behead you, your wife, or your children to accomplish their goal. It is all for the glory of Allah.

Keep a very close eye on the Mosque near you!!!

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