Monday, May 24, 2010


Unconfirmed sources from Afghanistan are reporting that at least one Army Unit has been given new orders regarding "Rules of Engagement". Sources report that an order has been disseminated to the patrolling troops, that no longer are they allowed to patrol with a round chambered in their weapon. I hope and pray that this is just a rumor. However, if it is in fact the truth, my next question would be, who is the upper echelon nincompoop who issued this order? I would have him strung up from the highest light pole in whatever town he lives, for all the world to see. Whether patrolling the jungles in Vietnam, as I did, or patrolling the streets of Afghanistan villages, the danger is ever present. Split second decisions must be made. Yes, it normally only takes about 5 seconds to chamber a round from a closed bolt position. That is of course if your weapon happens to be working perfectly at the time. I am here to tell you, that the M-16's and AR15's were not perfect in Vietnam, and I am sure that they do not operate without mishap in Afghanistan either. The time it takes to chamber a round from the closed bolt position, safety on, is way too long. In that short it takes to chamber a round and move the safety to off, your enemy can and will pop you a new belly-button, right in the middle of your forehead. This is an unacceptable, and suicidal order, from an idiot commander!!!
If our President, and military commanders do not want the troops to win this war, then bring them home, all of them, and do it NOW!!! Soldiers and Marines must have every advantage conceivable over their enemy, this "No Round Chambered" order, is as ludicrous as they come. Our President may as well just sign death warrants for all our ground troops in Afghanistan, if this order is actually true, and Obama knows about it, and agrees with it, then he needs to be impeached for recklessly endangering our troops in harm's way!!! This is just more proof that no one should be in congress, or the White House that hasn't experienced military service.
In Vietnam, in and around 1969, orders came down that said, " do not fire unless fired upon" how stupid is that? Needless to say, had those orders been followed, the Vietnam Memorial Wall would have to be made twice as long, to accommodate the additional thousands of names. A fine example of this type of ignorant orders is: Beirut, 1982-1984, standing orders: 1. When on post, mobile or foot patrol, keep loaded magazine in weapon, bolt closed, weapon on safe, no round in chamber.
2. Do not chamber a round unless told to do so by a commissioned officer, unless you must act in immediate self-defense, where deadly force is authorized.
Allow me to remind you of the results of those orders, 241 Marines, sailors, and soldiers were brutally blown to bits by a car bomber that couldn't be stopped.
Our President is in a "Peace Through Dis-Armament" mode. He doesn't want to succeed in combat. He has no respect for our military, he hates our country and our way of life. He is an appeaser to the Muslims, and his loyalty to America and the American people, is very much in question.
I will make every attempt to either confirm this order, or debunk it. Either way, our nation is in trouble, and our President, and his Czars and other cronies, are the problem, not the solution.

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