Monday, May 17, 2010

Janet Napolitano, Is She Really A Bafoon, Or Can This Be An Act?

The Answer Is: "A"
It appears that America's illustrious Homeland Security Chief is on the wrong border. She apparently wants to seize 4.9 acres of private land on the Vermont/Canadian Border. She says it's vital to national security, because it's those sleepy little towns terrorists will target in order to bring WMDs into the United States. She may have a point there, and I am the first one to insist that America's borders need to be secured. The problem is, that Janet Napolitano really needs to concentrate her efforts on our southern border where illegals from all over the world, are literally walking across the border carrying God knows what, and doing it in broad daylight, by the thousands a month. In a news conference she said one of the most idiotic things ever to come from this Obama administration, and believe me that takes some doing to achieve the most idiot statement award. When asked about securing our southern border, she stated; "our southern border is as secure as it's ever been." That's right Janet baby, it was never secure, it isn't secure now, and if you continue to concentrate on the Vermont/Canada border, our southern border will never be secure.
Just for future reference Ms. Napolitano, if Canadians come to America illegally, can they get free health care, food stamps, discount housing, and social security benefits? Oh, yeah, and a pathway to citizenship that they won't want, anymore than the Mexican Illegals do.
Secure our borders Janet, but secure them all!!!

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