Friday, May 21, 2010

Synthetic Life, God Help Us

So, they've created life in a laboratory, but have they really? Only God can create life, that is real life. Synthetic life, I guess it can be done in a laboratory.
I caution scientists in one regard. Synthetic life is not, I repeat not native to the world that the Lord has created for us. I caution against allowing a synthetic life form loose upon this earth. Under the guise of helping humanity, this "thing" is supposedly able to be programmed, as it were, to absorb CO2 and other greenhouse gases. I pose this question, what if this synthetic life form absorbs too much CO2, will you be able to stop it? Remember CO2, contrary to the false scientific claptrap we've been fed by the global warming folks, IS NOT a harmful greenhouse gas. CO2 is a necessary gas that plants need to survive. If a synthetic life form starts absorbing CO2, what will the synthetic life form become? Will all the plants die?
Science is treading on very thin ice here. I have no doubt that one day soon we'll be reading a headline that says: SYNTHETIC LIFE FORM ESCAPES FROM LABORATORY, WE CAN'T FIND IT, WE CAN'T STOP IT!!! RAMIFICATIONS, UNKNOWN...

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