Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Obama's continuing solicitude toward the faith of Muhammad is inexplicable, and as these acts of denial continue, it is becoming dangerous" - Jihad Watch

The mere utterance of the terminology " radical Islam" really makes me cringe. By using that term, it appears to give credence to the fact that there are many non-radical Muslims in the Islamic Faith. I'm afraid I have to differ from that stand point. From my research, I see that most of Islam is very radical in their thinking, as it is preached to them from childhood. They are trapped by their own beliefs. The suicide bomber and the jihadist are held in high esteem among Muslims, even the so-called moderate ones. The fact is, that if a Muslim is a follower of Muhammad and a believer in the Qu'ran, they are every bit as radical in their thinking as the jihadist is. The Qu'ran teaches that Jews and Christians are infidels, and both must be converted to Islam, or be eradicated. If you are Muslim, and you believe in your holy book, then you are a radical. Islam is self-evidently "radical". As no other religion on the face of the earth encourages it's followers to murder non-believers. The word "Islam" means: submission.

I prefer to think of Islam like the Africanized Honey Bee, it infiltrates European Honey Bee hives, and destroys it from the inside, killing all those who are not Africanized. Sure, many of the European bees will manage to escape, and maybe if there is a female, they will begin a new hive. The reality of it though, is soon enough the Africanized bees will attack the new hive too. And so on, and so on. Another analogy would be to assume that only a few "radicalized" African bees engaged in the decimation of the European hive. If the European bees felt that way, they would be making a seriously fatal error. Americans, I believe are being led into a fatal error in judgement by our President, and many of our clergy. Acceptance of Islam as a valid religion, is akin to turning ones back on the one true God. It is my opinion, and perhaps that of many who have been studying the behavior of Islam, is this; as Islam infiltrates western civilization and our governments, and our religions, and if they continue to gain acceptance through tolerance and political correctness, the fatal error in judgement will ultimately result in America, Canada, and Mexico becoming Islamic nations. To assume that there are many Muslims who do not follow the Qu'ran, Hadith, and the teachings of Mohammad and are not in favor of the establishment of Sharia Law here in the western hemisphere would be making the huge fatal error. All, and I can't emphasize the word "ALL", enough, Qu'ran believing Muslims are radical in their thinking, and in their faith. The goal of Islam is to rule the world and for Islam to be the ONLY religion. It is the obligation of ALL good Muslim's to make this happen, and at all costs.

Keep this in mind, the African Army Ants move in swarms, devour everything in sight, they attack and fight as one entity. They have one thing in common with Muslims, the Army Ants are all blind. The ants have been blinded by a design of God, the Muslims however, are blinded by Mohammad, Islam, and the Qu'ran. The results of an attack from either, will be the same, total devastation, and total rule.

Be aware of your neighbor the Muslim, they are taught not to be your friend, they are taught to lie for the glory of Allah. Do not place your trust in them.

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