Saturday, November 14, 2009


What's the latest defense, lawyers will come up with? So far, we have learned that Major Hasan gave speeches on how suicide bombers should be revered as hero's. We know that while gunning down and killing 13 unarmed soldiers, and one unborn child, and wounding some 38, or is it 31, I don't know, the story changes depending on the reporting entity. Regardless, as he was shooting, he was yelling the Jihadists battle cry " Allahu Akbar". That should be a clue as to the man's motive. I knew it would happen, the liberal media, and the respective government agencies are attempting to portray the man as the "victim". Some say he was stressed, some say he was dealing with PTSD, some say he, get this was more than likely suffering from, are you ready? "Sudden Jihad Syndrome". If my memory is correct, that phrase was coined by Daniel Pipes several years ago. I don't know if he realized it at that time, that it might actually be used as a defense for cold blooded murder in a court of law. I'm almost positive that Mr. Pipe's use of the phase, was somewhat in the sarcastic sense. None the less, along with "Road Rage", and other made up syndromes, it will more than likely be used as a defense for this disgusting jihadist. I am wondering, will the military buy into this excuse, give credence to the fact that there may actually be such a syndrome, and shove the entire thought that the man is a Muslim terrorist, under the rug. Will the military, and the government view this entire episode as isolated, and in turn, not prepare themselves for the next Muslim, to go off and start killing infidels helter skelter. Hmmm, helter skelter, that rings a bell. I put this Hasan character in the same category as Charles Manson, because Muslim Jihadists are of the same mindset. Will the military begin investigating the Muslims on their payroll, or will they just wait until another 13, or more innocent soldiers are murdered in the name of Allah. I fear the latter. I would encourage all who have sons, and daughters in any branch of the military to urge them to cover their butts, keep an eye over their shoulder for the next Muslim soldier, with jihad in his eyes. Isn't it pathetic, that our sons and daughters, with all the stress that military service inherently comes with, now have to watch their backs, because they can't trust their own. Personally, Muslims do NOT belong in the military, no way, no how. Political correctness, and tolerance have trumped common sense, and security. Both of these mistakes will result in more attacks, it's not a matter of "if", but "when" they will occur. Making up excuses for these murderous jihadist Muslims, will only embolden them, because they will know that America is weak, and to stupid to recognize their own enemy. They will take those excuses, and use them to the fullest, in turn justifying their actions, and bleeding heart liberals will buy the "victim" thing, hook, line, and sinker. Mark my words. God Help Us!!!

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