Monday, November 16, 2009


There are a couple of items on the agenda today. The picture above, is what is known as the official "Obama Crotch Salute". Considering the president uses it at most occasions where the playing of our National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance is being recited. We are under the impression that our president prefers this salute to all others. I, as an Honorably Discharged Marine highly encourage the Marine Guard at the White House hilo Pad to "snap too," and give Obama and Michelle the "Obama Crotch Salute" as they deplane the Marine 1 chopper upon their next arrival home. Of all the places, it would seem most appropriate there. Semper Fi!!!
On the agenda next, have you noticed that the official count of Illegal Aliens is finally approaching the actual number, now I think the government is only shy about 10 million. I remember when the official estimate was 10 million, then it became 12 million, and then 13 million, well, in a statement by Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, the number is 14 million, still in most reasonable estimates, she is still 10 million shy.
She made the ridiculous statement " Requiring illegals to register to earn legal status, will strengthen our economy". I'm wondering where she comes up these theories. If you want to bolster the U.S. economy, ship the entire lot of illegals back to Mexico, Iraq, Iran, and wherever else they were allowed to come from. It would be an immediate boost the this country's economy. Then, if you've got the guts, close the borders so we can control the influx of immigrants to a reasonable amount of Legal Immigrants, as opposed to Illegal Immigrants, I'm just say'in!!!
If I had the opportunity, I would certainly like to ask congress, and the senate, and the white house, including the 32 or 33, or is it 34 Czars, to explain to me, this stupid Bible reading, gun toting idiot, veteran, citizen, how they come up with their facts and figures. Please, make it simple for me. If they can't, or won't, then they must indulge this one request: "Honorable legislator's, Mr. President, Czars at all levels, kindly give We The People a few minutes to bend over, stick our heads up our proverbial butts, so that we may see things from your point of view!!!"

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