Tuesday, November 10, 2009


There is a poll on the FoxNews website this morning, it has three categories regarding the Fort Hood murders: 1. Was it an act of terrorism? 2. Was it a horrific crime? 3. I'm undecided... I think they purposely left out a fourth category, it should read: 4. Was it a horrific act of terrorism? I would guess that the fourth question would get all the clicks.

The government and law enforcement officials never cease to amaze and mystify me. I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I saw a headline that read: Officials Investigating The Fort Hood Incident Are Trying To Determine A Motive. Do you believe that? Here is a small hint of this radical Islamic Jihadist's motive. Prior to unloading 100 rounds into a group of unsuspecting, unarmed soldiers, Major Nidal Malik Hasan yelled out Allah Akbar. The translates to "God Is Greatest" in Arabic. Now, for the motive. He is a Muslim terrorist, he hates America, and Americans. He hates Jews and Christians, he hates the fact that we are not Muslim, and we do not follow Sharia Law. In essence, for anyone out there who may be investigating this terrorist act, he is motivated by his religion. Now do you see the picture. Another part of the picture, is he is not here alone, there are thousands more just like him, the same hate, the same motivation. At the risk of being not so politically correct, he is a MUSLIM. The only reason he murdered 13, make that 14 (the unborn child), is because he is MUSLIM, and we are NOT. No more motive is needed for these barbarians. Once all of America realizes that Muslims do not want to assimilate with Christians and Jews, it is AGAINST their religion to do so, the better off America will be. At least we'll know who our enemy is. Remember, it was Islam that declared the Holy War on us, not the other way around. We, as a country and a culture can not win a war against Islam, if we refuse to see them as the enemy they are. Can I get an Amen on that???

Here's some food for thought. If Major Hasan didn't want to fight along side American soldiers, why did he enlist in the Army? Why did he take the oath that all servicemen and women take? Why didn't he just resign his commission, and get out of the Army? He chose to kill Americans, because his allegiance was to Islam not to America. Plain and simple, think about it...

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