Monday, November 9, 2009


So they call me Islamaphobic, I'm not even sure there is such a word, I don't know how to spell it, is it Islamiphobic, or Islamaphobic? Either way, let's try to break this down.
Our illustrious leader of Homeland Security is doing all possible to make sure there is no backlash against Muslims in this country. Like I said yesterday, I believe her time would be better spent ferreting out the rest of the radical Muslims in the military. When you consider that the CIA knew about our Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, but did nothing. It's not even clear that the CIA even found it necessary to let the Department of the Army know about this guy's behavior, if they had, perhaps 13 dead soldiers would still be alive. This is a perfect example of how America's political correctness is killing us. Don't want to offend any Muslims out there, so lets just wait till he murders a bunch of people. I have a tough time getting my arms wrapped around that kind of logic, don't you?
Forgive me, back to the subject at hand. Here are a few news items you should read, you won't hear them or see them on or in main stream media:
11-1-2009 Dateline, Karbala; Islamic terrorists bomb a bus full of fellow Muslims killing 3, and wounding 15.
11-1-2009 Dateline, Iraq; Islamic terrorists rig a bicycle with explosives and blow it up in a crowded marketplace, killing 9, and wounding 38 of their fellow Muslims.
11-2-2009 Dateline Glendale, Arizona; daughter of a Muslim dies from injuries she recieved from being run over by her father, he felt she needed to die, as she was becoming to westernized. Why move to America, what did he expect? I'm just curious.
11-2-2009 Dateline Pakistan; Islamic terrorists detonate a bomb outside of a bank killing 36 and, wounding 63 of their fellow Muslims.
11-3-2009 Dateline Iraq; Islamic gunmen kill a family of 3, including a little girl. A Muslim family, I might add.
11-5-2009 Dateline Fort Hood, Texas; Muslim terrorist Army Major brutally murders 13 soldiers, and wounds 31. While screaming Allah Akbar, he fired over 100 rounds from two handguns. He had to be stopped by a civilian police officer. I guess there were no Military Police on base.
11-7-2009 Dateline Yemen; Shiite Muslims shell a residence killing four women from the same family.
11-8-2009 Dateline Pakistan; Fedayeen suicide bomber blows himself up in a crowded marketplace, killing 12, and wounding 36 Muslim shoppers.
Need I go on? I didn't think so...
How could I possibly be Islamiphobic? Let's see, these barbaric zealots of Allah and Mohammad blow up, and shot down, and shell their own fellow Muslims on a daily basis. Do I find them a wee bit threatening? YES, I do. Do I consider Islam the enemy of the civilized world? YES, I do. Have the Muslim's of the world, including those here in America professed their hatred for Christians, and Jews? YES they have. Is it the goal of Islam to dominate the world? YES it is. Do I believe the Muslim's when they say they will kill anyone who doesn't bow to Allah? YES, I believe them.
These insane Muslims have no problem murdering their own, what makes our government think that if we tolerate their religion, that they will be peaceful? They, the Islamists have a goal, and they are carrying it out, and we as Americans are urged not to engage in backlash. " Tolerance is the final virtue of a doomed society." (Aristotle)
I am an Islamiphobe, oh, yes I certainly am!!!

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