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                                      Group aims to bring God into politics -

  For those of you who actually click on the link to this article, please understand that the person who wrote this little news tidbit works for the Texas Tribune and or KYTX CBS 19 out of Tyler, Texas, I'm not sure which.  Regardless of the original copy and the one printed here on the Zionica website, everyone missed the word "unalienable".  To clarify, allow me to say that "we were not endowed by our creator with certain "unalienable" rights.  The word is actually "inalienable".  To expound a bit further:  Inalienable: def: incapable of being given up, taken away, or transferred to another.  In the article itself, the journalist(?) is referring to the U.S. Declaration of Independence.  It occurs to me that either the Texas Tribune or CBS 19 should secure a valid copy of the Declaration or at the very least invest in a dictionary for use in the news-room.
  According to the article, a group of Christians who refer to themselves as "God and Country" was formed in response to a protest of the Nativity Scene on the court house lawn in Athens, Texas.  According to "God and Country" the United States of America is a Christian nation suffering from a "tyrannical government".  It is "God and Country's" intention to draw a line in the sand and aggressively and publicly defend our inalienable rights that we have been endowed with from our Creator.  "God and Country" claims that is our constitutional right to mix religion and government, as it was when this nation was founded.  "God and Country" argues that Christian pulpits have been bullied in recent decades into political silence for fear of losing their nonprofit status.
  It is my opinion that "God and Country" are 100% correct on all counts.  Plain and simple, Christians have been silent for way too long.  This small group would have no reason to exist had the entire Christian community stood up and refused to remove that Nativity Scene on the Athens, Texas courthouse lawn.  I mean the entire Christian community.  I mean Baptists, Nazarene, Catholics, Lutherans, and every other possible professing Christian denomination in and around Athens, Texas.  There should have been an outcry heard around the world.  Was there?  No, there was not.  So, once again a tiny portion of the Christian community must carry the entire weight on their shoulders, so that the rest of the not so aggressive Christians could sit back and talk about it in a Sunday school class.  How did that saying go?  "First they came for the Jews and I did nothing, because I wasn't Jewish, then they came for the Catholics and I did nothing because I wasn't a Catholic, now they are coming for me, and there is no one left to stand with me."  For the Christians that are left standing alone, what a feeling of abandonment they must be experiencing.  
  A word of courage for those who are members of "God and Country".  God has always been in politics, He's just been removed from the principle position He once held.  Make no mistake, He, in all His Glory is still there, always was, always will be.  The Lord does not force Himself on mankind, He just rewards those who recognize and follow His instructions.  When Americans stopped following God's instructions, America lost sight of God.  The Lord has blessed this nation and it's people for well over 200 years, recently the people have decided to worship each other and money, and soon God's presence was no longer felt.  That is why Atheism and immorality is on the rise.  That is why we are expected to tolerate what was once intolerable.  We are expected to find more and more ways to defy God and abandon our spiritual life for a material life.  It is important to remember that God doesn't move away from man, it is man that moves away from God.
  Our type of government was founded with this one principle in mind.  It was designed to work in unison with Christian morals and principles without which, it cannot be sustained.  We now have a movement in this nation to take America away from Christian morality and replace it with a moral relativistic society.  There is no room for God in a society that rewards and respects what God despises.  Without God, there will be no blessings upon this nation.
  Let's not strive to bring God into our politics, but to make God visible in our government.  If my people will repent and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and heal their land.  God said that, and God has never said anything He didn't mean.  The Lord keeps his promises.  He also said the wages of sin is death.  There will be no salvation for those who choose the sinful life and do not repent.
God Help Us
The Watchman   

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