Thursday, February 16, 2012


   Having been fortunate enough to be raised in farm country, I consider myself somewhat of an expert, especially about chickens.  Not only have I been where they are raised, bred and butchered, but I have cooked chicken several ways.  I can honestly say "I have never seen a hen or a rooster sporting a "nugget."  If anyone from the USDA or FDA or the North Carolina Education Board can show me even one single chicken that has a "nugget" that is naturally connected to it's body, then I will apologise, retract and eat that particular nugget. 
  If I spent a couple of hours, I'm sure I could come up with several articles condemning the use and consumption of processed meat and poultry.  So, since when did the proverbial chicken nugget become health food?  Who, in their infinite wisdom decided that the chicken nugget belonged on the USDA list of healthy food for youngsters? 
  This entire healthy food ordeal brings into question, why is it now so imperative to provide a government designed lunch for the kindergartner?  Personally, I don't think a healthy lunch has anything to do with it.  I think this USDA school lunch menu and inspection is just another way for the government to take over raising your children.  Somewhere along the way, government decided that parenting ends with birth, then you give up your child to the government to raise as they see fit.  I also can't help but think that those folks out there who have opted to home school, be prepared for the government inspector to be knocking on your door too.  Actually, the way this government has been executing its assaults on "We The People", you may need to be expecting an entire "guns drawn, all out raid, with flash bangs, tear gas and a SWAT team storming your kitchen."  Don't be surprised if they raid your refrigerator while they're there, and confiscate any frozen pizzas you may have hidden in the freezer section!  They may suspect of wanting to feed them to the kids when nobody is looking.  I know this scenario sounds a little off the wall, but I'm telling you, the government has invaded homes for a lot less.  For example, according to a study by the Cato Institute that specializes in civil liberties, there have been possibly as many as 40,000 law enforcement para-military home invasions per year.  Most of these in the middle of the night, no warning, no warrant.  Many of these raids have resulted in many needless deaths of both innocent and guilty homeowners and some officers and even children.  Now, understand that most of these raids were initiated on the pretext that the homeowner was an armed law-breaker, i.e., drug dealer etc., etc.  However, most law-breakers were of the non-violent category and way too much innocent blood has been shed in these operations of government law enforcement agencies.  Just down the street where I live, a couple of years ago, the police raided the wrong house in the middle of the night, the homeowner thought it was criminal invasion, he fired in self defense, the he was killed by the law enforcement officers.  So, be aware, that if it becomes a law that feeding the government's children anything other than what the administration deems edible, your home could very well be invaded in the middle of the night, just like the scenario I described earlier.  Additionally, if anyone in your home is a registered gun owner, take extra precaution, because the police will shoot, that's for sure.  You may die, because you don't stock USDA approved chicken nuggets in your refer.
  Needless to say, the long arm of our government has gotten way, way too long!!!  Reaching into homes to control energy consumption, water consumption, now reaching into your home to determine if you'll be feeding the children that now belong to the state and federal governments, the properly prescribed diet.  Make no mistake, if this, another power grab of the Obama White House is allowed to continue.  Your children will NOT be your children anymore, they will be the children of the state, and you'll merely be guardians of federal property. 
  Sounds way to Orwellian for the United States of America, doesn't it?  Let me assure you, it is not.  By the year 2015 it is the plan to have thousands of unmanned spy drones in the skies spying on your every move.  Does that sound Orwellian?  It does to me too, but it is in the government's plan.  Do not make the mistake of thinking it can't happen, because it is happening, right here and right now.  Don't believe me, go ahead check the Dept. of Homeland Security website.
  Student lunches, control of education, control of health care, control of religion, control energy consumption, banking control, industrial and manufacturing control, automobile control.  I mean, look at "Progressive" ( Progressive, just another word for Communist) Insurance's new spy module you connect to your car, so they can determine how far, how fast and where you're driving.  All under the guise that if you are a good (little robot) driver, as determined by the electronic spy module, you'll get a break on your insurance premium.  I don't know about you, but I'm not willing to give up my personal privacy to save a $100.00 a year on an insurance premium!!!  You've seen their commercial, they make it sound fun, you even get to install the spy module yourself.  (useful idiots)
  We have been warned about all these things through Bible Prophecy, through men like George Orwell and C.S. Lewis, men who had a vision of the future, to them it may have been science-fiction, to us, in this age, it is reality.
  God Help US
  The Watchman

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