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America cannot survive under two distinct sets of Laws
A choice will soon have to be made, choose wisely!
Sharia in Pennsylvania: Muslim admits to attacking atheist over "Zombie Muhammad"; Muslim judge dismisses case, tells atheist he'd be killed in Muslim lands - Jihad Watch

  Now everyone knows there is no love lost between the Atheist movement in this country and myself.  More importantly however, I still believe in the United States Constitution and the laws that come from that founding document.  All of you have read my pieces regarding the infiltration of Islam into America, and you've all read my warnings of allowing Muslims to set up house-keeping in America.  Now pay close attention, "I have no beef with people who come here from the Middle East, unless they are Qur'an believing Muslims, whose entire reason for coming to this country is to establish Muslim communities and institute Sharia Law".  I hold, as I always have, that Sharia Law, is the antithesis of the U.S. Constitution and that they cannot both survive on the same piece of ground and they cannot be melded together, or work in unison in the same country.  To a Muslim, the Qur'an and Sharia Law are hand in hand, one in the same.  In America we try to keep government out of religion and religion out of government as much as possible. (A difficult task with this administration, granted that, we still try.)  Islam is the complete opposite.  Islam is an all inclusive way of life.  The Qur'an and Sharia Law are one in the same.  In America, we have freedom of speech and freedom of expression and freedom of the press.  Under Islamic rule, there is no freedom regarding any of these rights.  As a matter of fact, under Islam there are NO individual rights, period.  In America, we have always enjoyed freedom of religion, in Islamic lands, there is only one religion, Islam and one way of life, Islam.  Both of these are dictated through the Qur'an and executed and enforced through Sharia Law.  In America, our freedom of speech has always been protected by our Constitution and infringements and violence against an individual's right to freedom of speech, has and should always be met with American Constitutional Justice through our American court system.  So far, I believe we are all in agreement.
  I regret to inform you, that all is not well with America's court system.  I am referring to Judge Mark Martin in Pennsylvania, a judge who just happens to also be a Muslim.  It appears that he presided over a case where, during a costumed Halloween parade of Atheists, there was a man dressed as a Zombie Mohammad, and a man dressed as a Zombie Pope, both were parade participants.  As these two were walking the parade route the man dressed as zombie Muhammad was allegedly wearing a sign that said zombie Muhammad or something to that effect.  Along the parade route were spectators as usual, lining the sidewalks.  Two of the spectators were a man and his son, the man as it turns out was a Muslim.  As all good Muslims, he was deeply offended by the zombie Muhammad, so as all good Muslims do, he became incensed, and just had to show his son that violence is the way to defend Muhammad.  In front of his son he proceeded to accost the man in the Muhammad suit.  Needless to say, the police were notified, the Muslim spectator admitted to assaulting the Atheist in the Muhammad costume.  The police cited the Muslim for assault(? I assume).  Which brings us back where I started.  Now, the parade participants were, under American Constitutional law, well within their rights of peaceful assembly, freedom of speech and expression and if you include the alleged sign, freedom of press.  The Muslim attacker broke the law, and willfully and intentionally attempted to inflict injury on the victim.  In a courtroom however, he used the excuse that he didn't understand why it wasn't against the law in America to mock Muhammad.  Good excuse?  You decide!
  Here is where the rub comes in, and it's a huge rub, and it isn't going to stop anytime soon.  As a matter of fact this rub is already beginning to chafe.  The Judge, instead of explaining to the Muslim assailant that he is living in America, and we have the right to free speech here!  Assaulting a man for mocking Muhammad or any other Muslim holy figure, is the action that is against the law.  What ever happened to "ignorance of the law is no excuse"?  This judge not only dismissed the charges against the Muslim man, but he proceeded to lecture the plaintiff about Islam and it's beliefs and laws.  He went so far as to tell the victim that had he been in an Islamic land he would have been put to death.  
  I have a big problem with this judge, and you should too.  Number one, when you live in America, you live by American law.  Number two, if you are a judge in America, you decide cases on American Constitutional Law, not Sharia Law.  This judge needs to immediately removed from the bench and be disbarred.
  I have been asking myself how a Muslim becomes a judge in America in the first place.  A Muslim pledges his loyalty to Allah, Muhammad and the Qur'an.  He does not pledge to uphold the Constitution first and foremost.  So, who made this Muslim a judge in the American court system?  And why?  I know, we have two legislators who are Muslim, they were even sworn in on the Qur'an, and I ask you, where does that come from?  Being sworn in on the Qur'an means absolutely nothing.  There is no honesty, integrity or justice in the Qur'an.  It  represents the most horrific, brutal and barbaric way of life left on the face of the earth.  Allowing Muslims to become Senators, Representatives, Judges and even Law Enforcement Officers in this country is an exercise in establishment suicide.  We've already proven that by allowing Muslims in the military. (Remember Fort Hood?)  Muslims cannot, by their own belief system go against another Muslim.  Yet, here in America, where political correctness is king, Muslims are now judging Americans in American courts, using Sharia Law.  Where is the justice in that, better yet, where is the logic in that?  Are we Americans just stupid, or what?  Have we been so dumbed down that we invite the murderer into the house, feed him, clothe him, respect his belief system, knowing full well that his intention is to kill us, but ignore that last fact, because we are so afraid to be called racist, Islamophobe, or bigot???!!!
  I have serious doubts that this nation will survive the impending onslaught of Islam.  We are in the midst of a Holy War, and not very many people see it.  I have never seen or heard of a nation of people who refuse to hear their enemy's own words and threats.  A nation of useful idiots who will intentionally look the other way as to not be witness to honor killings, genocide, murders of Christians and Jews around the globe, burning of Christian churches in Islamic countries, threats of terrorist attacks against innocent people here on our own soil.  America, are we so afraid of Islam, that we would just lay down our honor, our integrity, our passion for freedom?  Perhaps we are.  
  It is way past time to wake up America.  There shouldn't be not one single Mosque is this nation.  All Mosques should have been removed after 9/11.  The enemy is within the walls and we've invited them here.  At the very least every single Muslim Mosque, and school should be subject to regular unannounced inspections by authorities and closed down at the first hint of teaching violence against America in any way shape or form.  Instead, America's department of Homeland Security is targeting Christians and Patriots as potential terrorists.  It's all upside down, it's all upside down.  Is it any wonder why Islam loves this country.
God Help Us
The Watchman   

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