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If there is one thing to be said of Nancy Pelosi, it's that she's got more guts than any two men in congress.  When she made her now famous announcement "We have to pass it to see what's in it."  referring to the Obama Care Bill, literally thousands of people laughed at her.  They said it'll never pass on that precept.  None of our Senators or Congressman would vote to pass a Bill without even reading it, or would they?  Oh, you bet they would, and they did.  A statement like Pelosi's was made because it was too ridiculous for anyone to pay much attention to.  That was just one of the ways Obama pulls the wool over the eyes of the people.  His ideas are so radical, so out of the ball park, then when he announces them, people applaud and smile, all the while thinking he can't do that, can he?  The next thing you know, he's already done it, and the people are left dumb-founded and wondering, when did that happen?  When Obama made the statement:  "We are only 5 days away from fundamentally transforming America."  Very few people actually caught the gist of what this President wanna-be actually said.  Except for a few talk show hosts like Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh, and maybe Sean Hannity, my wife and myself, only a portion of the electorate paid much attention.  Those that did were shaken as I was.  What did he mean "fundamentally transform America?"  Obama was smart enough to only use that line within 5 days of the election.  There wasn't enough time for those with the audience to dissect Obama's words, and get the true meaning disseminated to the viewing and listening public.  Even if they had succeeded in parsing Obama's actual intention, the roar of "we're electing the first black president!!!" ,would have certainly drowned out any warning coming from conservative radio and TV, or a blogger such as yours truly.  Obama's fundamentally transform America  statement may have been the first and last time he told the truth to the American people, and unfortunately very few heard it over the cheering crowd of Obama's adoring supporters.
  When Nancy Pelosi made her statement, she knew exactly what she was saying.  The American people would laugh it off as another foolish remark made by a foolish California nut case in the House of Representatives.  By now however, everyone should know that when Nancy Pelosi made her statement, she didn't know what was in the Obama Care Bill either.  The fact of the matter, no one in congress knew what was in the bill.  Why, how could they not know what what was in it, somebody had to know?  You are right.  Unfortunately, the reason Congress and the Senate didn't know what was in the bill, is because no one in our illustrious legislature wrote the bill.  That's why when asked about details of the Obama Care Bill, our Congressmen and Senators proceeded to dance that "little sidestep"  the one made famous in the movie "Best Little Whorehouse In Texas".  The mayor of the town played by Charles Durning even danced the "sidestep" to the song written about that "little side step".  It was an extremely funny, (perhaps a little racy) movie, but oh so profound and borderline prophetic, in a strange sort of way.
  For the benefit of those who still think Obama is inept and or naive in his actions, "NOW HEAR THIS":  Dateline: 12 Feb 2012.  Jack LEW the newly appointed White House Chief of Staff revealed the following about the Obama Care Bill:  "Obama Care allows the President to tell a private company they have to offer a product, and offer it for free."  You did hear that, right, right???   According to the "Affordable Care Act" (Obama Care), "The President has the authority under the Affordable Care Act to force a private company to provide a product free of charge."  Correct me if I'm wrong, but did any of us send elected legislators to D.C. with the instructions to "vote away our democratic republic"?  I know that thought never crossed my mind when I went into the voting booth!!!
  With the authority granted to the President under Obama Care, there are some very serious and far reaching ramifications and consequences still yet undiscovered.  Rest assured, Obama will make them known when they'll suit his purpose and agenda.  I can't help but wonder what else Obama had put into the Bill that had to be passed so we could see what was in it?  Let's make this clear, aside from those who were responsible for drafting and actually writing the "Affordable Care Act (Obama Care)" only Obama had additional input.  Still think poor old Obama is just in over his head?  Barack Obama is in league with, and is one of the most diabolical and cunning thinkers of this 21st century.  Do not sell him short!  He is in full control of his faculties and his ability to lie with a straight face, only enhances his deceptions and makes him more believable.  The Bible scripture warns us about men with his abilities.  If you haven't already, now is the time to heed those scriptural warnings.
  F.Y.I.  the basic draft for Obama Care was written by a man named Robert Creamer, a Chicago Banker convicted of fraud and doing hard time.  He is the husband of the farthest left congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.  Creamer wrote a book titled "Stand Up Straight- How Progressives Can Win" while he was doing time.  Basically is was a 628 page manual for "how to reshape one-sixth of the American economy, namely health care.  This book was hailed by David Axelrod (one of the President's men), Andrew Stern, president of SEIU, and of course Barack Hussein Obama.  In case you think I'm talking out my hat, allow me to reference go to their archives link, then bring up October 31, 2010, you will find a very sobering and enlightening article written by Stella Paul.  
There were no elected congressmen or senators privy to the text, context or content of the "Affordable Care Act" (Obama Care).  
  So in their arrogant wisdom, or should I say stupidity, none of the Senators or Congressmen who voted for, or against, for that matter read the behemoth tome we now call the Obama Care Bill.  
  Some final points to ponder:
  If Obama Care is implemented, how many more surprises will Obama be able to pull from the proverbial hat?  
  Is there anything in the Obama Care Bill, (which by the way is now LAW), that will afford even more presidential power over the American economy and the American people?
  I think there are stipulations hidden throughout the Obama Care bill, that may just give Obama the ability to declare himself President forever, under the auspicious of, for the betterment of the national health and security.  If there isn't, I will be pleasantly surprised. 
  One must keep in mind, that no one knew that this bill gives the President the authority to dictate to private businesses that they be ordered to provide a product free of charge.  Nancy Pelosi spoke about this Bill like it was this great and wonderful surprise package, full of goodies for the good and dumbed down little sheeple of America.  Consequently, our elected representatives forced it down our throats.   This Obama Care surprise package is just beginning to be opened for the public eye.  In my mind there are still many violations of the Constitution to be revealed.
God Help Us
The Watchman 

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