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Arab Christians in America, welcome, but this is still America

E PLURIBUS UNUM has obviously lost it's meaning in America.

  I have always understood E Pluribus Unum to mean "out of  many, one."   In my mind there is only one way this motto can be perceived.  It has however lost it's definition and it's purpose.  Were it possible to change our nation's motto, I'm sure the Liberal Left would like to see it read:  E Pluribus, Pluribus, "out of many, many." 
  It is common knowledge to those of us who keep a close watch on the news from around the world and here at home, that the purveyors of Islam are relentlessly persecuting and murdering Christians, pretty much at will.  Every predominantly Muslim country in the Middle East is a hot bed of hatred for not only Jews, but also for Christians of Arab decent.  Consequently, it is normal for Arab Christians to flee their homeland in search of a safe haven where they can worship and raise their families as Christians.  The obvious place for the immigration is the United States of America.  These Arab Christian refugees seeking a place where there is peaceful coexistence of religious beliefs, and non-believers alike must seem the closest thing to heaven to them.  No one can find a reason to condemn their mass exodus from the Middle East, where you either worship Allah as a Muslim, obey Sharia or you are murdered.  In these Christian's predicament, the answer is a no brainer.  There are other problems facing these Arab Christians as they come to America and settle.  One is, they will find that Islam is the most protected religion in America too.  I'm sure that most Christian refugees fleeing the Middle East are not expecting to be confronted in this the "safe haven" by Muslims who more or less got here before them.  Persecution of Arab Christians within the American Arab communities will continue to escalate as time goes on.  These Arab Christians will have to face up to Islam, no matter where they go, America is a good place to start.  According to my calculations, America is still free, and we do not yet, implement Sharia as our law.  Although, Sharia is creeping in and infiltrating local, state and federal government agencies.  So, Christians from all backgrounds and nations will, in the end face a confrontation with Islam.  Arab Christians will have to step up and be the spearhead in the battle between Christians and Muslims in America.  Arab Christians have first hand knowledge of the cruel treatment that they and their families fled from in their homeland.  Their testimony too that needs to be disseminated throughout the American Christian community.  It shouldn't take long for our new Arab Christian refugees to realize that many American Christian denominations have already been brainwashed by the Muslims.  The Islamic propaganda machine has been hard at work here, ever since 9/11.  Their successes in convincing many Christians in America that Islam is a peaceful religion are apparent in many American churches.  Combined with America's idiotic penchant for political correctness, Islam has made deep inroads into what were once staunch Christian churches.  There are several Baptist, Catholic and other Protestant denominations that have bought into the social justice, and many are even championing the causes of multiculturalism and plural relativism.  All of course in the name of political correctness.  There are even a couple of Protestant churches that are sharing their facilities and sanctuaries with Muslims, while their Mosques are being built.  Several Catholic churches have been sold and turned into Muslim Mosques.  A practice in my opinion, allowing the worship of false gods in the Christian House of God is sacrilege and blasphemy of the highest order toward Jesus Christ.  
  My original intent for the context of this Blog Article was to address this incessant need to come to America, and remain Arab, both in language and societal matters.  In the 1910's and throughout the 1940's many immigrants from many nations came to America, mostly to escape the ravages of Europe and the ensuing World Wars.  My own great grand parents came from Germany and from Poland.  Both sets were Roman Catholic, as were many European immigrants.  Hundreds of Catholic and Protestant churches popped up over a couple decades and many if not all were holding mass and services in their native language, i.e., Polish and German, etc..   Before long however these immigrants realized that they were not assimilating into American communities very well.  There was a language barrier.  As a result, my grand parents and my parents were forbidden to speak Polish and or German in the house.  To the contrary, they were sent to school to learn English as that was the language of this, their chosen country.  They knew that if their families were going thrive in America, it was necessary to become, in all ways, American, and so they did.  There were very few multi-lingual schools, but there were multi-lingual teachers and they encouraged the learning of the English language.  You know, kind of like E Pluribus Unum.  Those immigrants built America into the strongest nation in the world.  A nation were they and their offspring were free to practice their religion, trades, and customs freely.  The bottom line however, was they all wanted to become American.  First and foremost, they were American.  Things are different today.  No matter where people immigrate from, they want to bring the country they fled from with them.  They want to keep the laws they ran from and establish those same laws here in America.  They want everyone to learn their language, respect their customs and laws and they do not wish to respect the United States and American citizens for their established law.  The leaders of this country are now encouraging this kind of behavior.  The ramifications of this multi-cultural society is turning America into Babel.  A country of citizens who do not understand a common language can not continue to prosper.  America is making this mistake in today's society with Hispanics wanting to all speak Spanish, Russians all speaking Russian, and now Arab immigrants who want to speak Arabic or Farsi.  Coming to America means coming from a division to join a unit.  Purposely dividing America by any means, whether it be language or custom, will do nothing but weaken this country, and as is happening today, we are not "out of many one", but "out of many, many more".  The old adage "United We Stand, Divided We Fall", still holds true today as when it was coined. 
  Arab Christian immigrants, I encourage you to learn the English language, hold your mass' and services in English whenever possible.  Communicate the plight from which you ran to those in this country who are falling into line with the Muslims.  If America goes down, there will be no where else to run.  This is Christianity's last bastion, it must not be allowed to fall into Muslim hands.  Arab Christians, take your stand, take it here, take it now.  "The only thing evil needs to succeed, is for good men to do nothing."
Please click on title to read corresponding article by: Russell Contreras AP.  
God Help Us
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