Friday, November 11, 2011

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Any country, any religion and any parent that would willingly subject their children to this, would certainly welcome an attack by Israel, as it would benefit Allah!
          Does Iran Want Israel to Attack? » Publications » Family Security Matters

There is absolutely no doubt that Iran wants to incite Israel to attack.  It is not just Iran that would welcome an Israeli attack, the entire Islamic community is waiting and hoping that Israel will make a preemptive assault.  The nation of Islam has been building toward this goal for years, and it is the non-action of the President Obama and the U.N. that has placed Israel in this precarious position.  Israel can either wait to be attacked by from an Iranian nuclear weapon that all the world has allowed them to build, or Israel can attack Iran and face the condemnation of the rest of the world.  The circumstances do not give Israel much of a choice.  They have been placed in that proverbial spot, between a rock and hard place.  The entire Middle East will explode and retaliate against Israel should they attack Iran's nuclear sites.  After all, that is the plan.  I suppose there is a chance that common sense would win out, and Israel's neighboring nations will see and understand that Israel in essence, had no viable alternative.  We all know that the nation of Islam doesn't encourage common sense, and we know that they all hate Israel, and a preemptive Israeli attack would give Islam a sick and perverted reason in which to destroy Israel, if they can.  Alone, there is no country in the Middle East that could stand against Israel in a one on one, or even a two on one.  With the help of Russia, North Korea, and the absence of American aid to Israel, Islam would of course vanquish the Jews.  I mentioned the absence of American aid to Israel, because our President has made no bones about expressing his disdain for Israel and the very existence of the Jewish State.  Consequently there is no reason to believe that Obama would abandon Islam to protect America's long time ally.  Obama needs Islam, he doesn't need the Israelis.  It's a numbers game with President Obama.  Simply put Islam has a billion useful idiots and Israel, well Israel is insignificant in numbers of people he can use.  Islam knows terror and how to use it.  The followers of Allah are tribal, tenacious, blood thirsty, degenerate for the most part, uneducated and have little regard for human life, which is apparent in their penchant for setting their children up as suicide bombers.  Not to mention murdering their children and wives in honor killings, need I go on?  If Obama was the doctor, Muslims are just what the doctor ordered.  
  The new One World Order, and the false messiah are right around the corner.  It is chaos that will bring him forward.  It's not a matter of "if" but "when" will he arrive and in what form.  Islam is just another tool for the elite leftists, and even with all their population, in the end, they too will cease to exist.
  Now we can believe that mankind will destroy itself in a last world wide nuclear holocaust.  Or we can believe that the interpretation of Bible prophecy is spot on.  We Christians have been taught that God will not allow man to destroy His children "Israel".  Attacks on Israel according to what we've been taught will surely bring about Armageddon, and the second coming of Jesus Christ, the Rapture of the saved, and Tribulation, not necessarily in that exact order.  Theories differ in the interpretations of this particular prophecy.  
  If you are not walking with the Lord, if you haven't accepted the gift of salvation, then tomorrow may be too late.  It is apparent that, for lack of any other foreseeable direction, Israel will launch an attack on Iran's nuclear sites in the very near future.  There once was a shot heard round the world, an Israeli attack may be the last shot heard round the world.  No matter how noble, Israel's preemptive strike will more than likely, not be seen as a defensive act, but as an act of aggression.  Gog and Magog are forming the unholy alliance in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and yes in the West, of this make no mistake.  I believe that the test of Bible prophecy is on the horizon, North, South, East and West of Israel.
  Prepare yourselves physically for the hard times to come, as they surely will.  Most importantly, prepare yourselves spiritually.
God Help Us
The Watchman

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