Thursday, November 10, 2011


Dateline:  The not-too-distant future.
Location:  Global.
Results:  Death and destruction of Biblical proportions.
Cause:    Global Thermonuclear War.
  I know where we are, and I can see where we are headed.  In the infamous and haunting words of Albert Einstein:  "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."  If nothing else, his words should give the human race pause.  
  If the world's nations continue on the same path of self destruction, there will no longer be a reason for concerns over energy independence, climate change, national economies, open and or closed borders, religious persecution, losing weight.  All of these things and more trivial's that now occupy our minds, will be of very little consequence.  I can see where this planet is headed, many will call me crazy, doomsayer, paranoid, but if in fact, I can see it coming and you can not, then it is you, who are looking in the wrong place.
  Back in the Cold War days when only the U.S.S.R. and America were in possession of nuclear arms, we basically had only to worry about each other.  That is not the case any more.  Many countries, some large, some small are nuclear armed.  Most have nuclear capabilities because either the U.S. or Russia provided them with the nukes or the materials and instructions on how to build their own.  It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that many of these countries are hostile to the United States or Russia, or both.  These many smaller but unfortunately radically controlled nations have made it perfectly clear that if they attain nuclear capability, they will most definitely use that ability to attack their perceived enemies.  One thing we were pretty positive of in the Cold War era, was the fact that the dominant countries were also governed by competent leaders.  Leaders that realized they were sitting on the responsibility over life and death of all mankind.  The world was relatively assured that neither America or the Russians were willing to engage in a nuclear attack, as retaliation would cause certain decimation of both nations.  This is not the case today.  Even the countries we once thought had a modicum of responsible self control, are lining up with radical extreme Islamic controlled governments, in full knowledge of the ramifications of even one nuclear strike anywhere in the world.  It is the goal of the President of Iran to bring about the end of the world, he has stated this fact time after time.  Many leaders of many nations, including our own write him off as crazy.  Let me be frank, if Iran attains nuclear capability, Iran will launch a nuclear attack on the tiny nation of Israel.  Israel will certainly retaliate with a relentless nuclear salvo, the likes of, the world has never seen.  Even if that is as far as the nuclear strikes go, the results will be loss of life in the millions.  Should other nations enter the fray, loss of life in the tens of millions will be the result.  Limited nuclear detonations just in the Middle East would be catastrophic for the entire globe.  There will be no more crude oil for export, and nobody left even to pump it, should the derricks survive the nuclear blast.  Chances are that every oil field in the Middle East will be on fire and burning out of control, for at least as long as the oil lasts.  The economies of oil dependent nations, such as ours, will collapse over night.  Currencies will become relatively worthless.  Should the nuclear blasts be limited to the Middle East, the ramifications for the rest of the planet will be, at the very best, an insurmountable challenge of survival.
  You see, destruction of nuclear attacks do not stop at the borders of the attacking nations.  About the time an assessment is made of the damage in the area of initial attacks, a cloud of radioactive nuclear dust, thousands of miles wide and thousands of feet high will enter the atmosphere.  It will drift on the prevailing winds, it will spread wider and wider until the sun is blocked from sight.  Soon, global temperatures will drop a little at first, then significantly, into the teens and in the below zero range for much of the globe, certainly for the Northern Hemispheres.  We will be in perpetual darkness and perpetual cold.  Radioactive snows and rains will fall from one hemisphere to the other.  That's right, nuclear aggression knows no borders or boundaries.  Oceans can not stop the radioactivity from reaching all parts of the planet.  Even those populations that were not involved in the initial conflict will not be spared.  
  If one survives the initial blast, then survives the cold of the nuclear winter, which could last for years.  That survivor will then be confronted with radiation sickness, starvation, and the many hordes of other survivors who will try and take whatever it is you have in order to assure their own survival.
  This is a very frightening picture I have described, isn't it?  It certainly scares me.  
  Our only hope, is in the Lord.  Only Divine Providence can stop this scenario from taking place.  It is necessary, no, it is most imperative that each and every one of us assess our situation and our relationship with God.
  I am not crazy, a simple research of the news from the last week, will bare me out.  We are closer to World War III than we ever have been, and that includes the JFK standoff during the Cuba missile crisis.  Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev was not a maniac, he only acted like one.  John F. Kennedy was not a madman, and even Fidel Castro was relatively sane.  They all knew what the results of a nuclear war would be, therefore, we didn't have one.  Today, the leaders of Iran and North Korea also know what the results of a nuclear war will be, and yet they wish to bring it on.
  The madmen and the fools are now nuclear armed, and the future of the world is precariously in their hands.
God Help Us,
The Watchman        

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