Saturday, September 3, 2011


Believe me Mr. Mayor, a higher authority does exist.

Mayor Bloomberg of NYC has determined that the presence of clergy at the 9/11 Ground Zero Memorial may somehow either be offensive to some people, so with that thought in mind, Mr. Mayor has barred any and all clergy from participating in the Memorial Ceremony.  When I heard that statement from His Honor the Mayor, my stomach began to turn, and my heart began to race, I'm sure my blood pressure rose also.  I had to look outside, and see if I woke up this morning in America, land of the free, home of the brave.  As I looked out from my front porch, coffee in hand I thought "hmmm, yep sure looks like the same place."  It occurred to me that it was Mayor Bloomberg who found himself waking from a deep sleep and after having fallen through the rabbit hole, he found himself in some Communist country where he was the sole authority.  In a dream, perhaps the same one Barack Obama had, where they must have both somehow been transported through a worm hole in the time and space continuum.  It appears that both of these men are under the impression that they, and they alone have become the grand high exalted mystic rulers of the universe.  Forgive me my friends, it appears that I myself drifted away from my point.  Mayor Bloomberg has made the decision not to allow any clergy from any denomination from praying/participating in the 9/11 Memorial.  In my humble opinion, that decision is in essence a non-decision.  He must have learned that from Obama too, once again, I beg your indulgence while I chase this rabbit.  A non-decision comes from being frightened to actually make a decision, Obama is good at that, as his decisions are made up totally of leaving the decision making to someone else, that way when it doesn't pan out, he can certainly say, "it wasn't my fault, he/she made that decision." 
  In this case regarding the 9/11 Memorial in NYC, Mayor Bloomberg decided to stand on his principle of not taking a stand at all.  It's the old "when in doubt, don't do anything" stance.  In Bloomberg's mind I'm sure he thinks that no clergy means no explaining, and no explaining means not offending anyone.  Of course we all know who it is that Bloomberg doesn't wish to offend, it's the Muslims, and we know why, because he, like many other politicians are afraid of Muslim reprisals, and that wouldn't look good for him on election day.  One NYC Mayor already had to stand in front of Muslim caused smoldering ruins and face the people of not only NYC, but of the world.  Mayor Giuliani did that with honor and dignity.  Bloomberg couldn't handle that, he has no honor or dignity or even loyalty to his own Jewish Faith.  It is much easier for me to understand Bloomberg's stance on no stance at all because, I did a little research on his purported faith.  You see, Mayor Bloomberg considers himself a member of "Reform Judaism" aka "Reform Jewish Movement" aka "Israeli Progressive Movement", you see that word Progressive, that simply means Socialist or Communist, if you trace the word back far enough.  Simply put, and Israeli Progressive is one who believes that the Jewish Faith/Torah needs to be revamped in order to match up more socially with today's current society of worshipping the great "Mush god" of the self.  So, you Bloomberg comes by his indecisiveness quite honestly.  If you have a faith that endorses everything that's happening now, then you really have no decisions to make there either.  Non-decisions and non-faith and non-committal, all boils down to the same thing, the man is an empty suit, with no convictions, no dignity and no honor.  So how can anyone blame him for deciding to ride the middle of the fence.
  Bloombergs non-decision regarding NO clergy participation is endorsed by one  Rev. Michael Youssef an Egyptian Christian and now an Evangelist here in Atlanta, GA., USA.  Rev. Youssef says he agrees with Bloomberg's "non-decision as it will save Christians from having to witness "America's abomination of syncretism-mixing the God of the Founding Fathers with all those other "non-God"-gods.  It seems to me that American Christians have been witnessing the worship of non-gods ever since it became politically correct to tolerate false god faiths like Islam and Buddhism for this many years.  Christians do not have to watch the worship of false gods.  Unfortunately other people of other faiths died in the 9/11 attacks.  Because this is America those members of other faiths also have a right to memorialize their dead and pray for their families.  If American Christians are being forced to tolerate, accept and even condone Islam as some kind of faith, then how is it going to harm American Christians as myself to allow a clergyman from another faith to say a prayer for their dead?  
  It is my opinion that Islam is NOT a religion, and that Allah is a false god, and I do not consider Islam a viable faith.  I can not condone the propagation of Islam in America, because I know what their ultimate goal is, and it is the Muslim followers of Islam that perpetrated murders of some 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11.  We do need to understand however, that those innocents who passed away in the World Trade Center attacks were in fact members of various faiths, and some had no faith at all.  Regardless, all those of faith who died, deserve to be remembered in a prayer, of their own religious persuasion.  
  Mayor Bloomberg, this is America, people across this nation will pray for the survivors and loved ones of the fallen on 9/11.  We will never forget what happend that day.  Prayers for the families are a good and peaceful thing.  Mayor Bloomberg, NYC does not belong to you, it doesn't even belong to the people who live in NYC.  NYC belongs to America, and whether or not you allow clergy, prayer will happen across this nation and around the world.  Yes Mr. Mayor, there is a higher Authority, and prayers will be raised to His Holy Name on 9/11.
God Help Us
The Watchman  

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