Friday, September 2, 2011


Sadly, this is just the beginning of demand for Sharia in America

  There are many in America who don't recognize this amusement park incident for what it truly is.  The more people who fail to see this stealth jihad on American soil, the quicker Sharia will be implemented in the United States.
  As the population of Muslims grows in America, the bolder they will become.  It is important to understand that assimilation is not the goal of Islam, domination is!  This particular incident at Playland Amusement Park in New York is a perfect example of the boldness of Muslims.  Knowing full well the rules regarding wearing of head scarves and other clothing that could possibly fly off, or worse yet become entangled in the wheels or other moving parts of the ride, these Muslim women insisted on riding anyway and of course an altercation ensued.  The Muslim women were told that in order to ride, they would have to remove the hijabs, for their own safety and for the liability of the amusement park itself.  The Muslim women became visibly upset (of course, that's part of the plan).  There was enough violent language and action on both sides that it would be necessary to call in the police.  (Once again, part of the plan.)  The news media once again, being played like a fine Islamic fiddle interviewed two Muslim women, and broadcast their side of the argument, they said the police came ready to attack, (they must be mistaking the police for for jihadi's in their own country.).  I watched several news channels yesterday and waited for an interview with a Playland Park employee, a police officer on the scene, or even a bystander who wasn't Arab.  Needless to say, I am still waiting for an unbiased view of the Playland/Muslim women incident.  Until their lawyers and our dhimmi government officials think up some stupid and pathetic way of apologizing for all of America's narrow minded Islamaphobes, I'm sure we'll hear nothing official.  Mark my words, the apology is forthcoming, and once again the Muslims will be appeased.  Our officials don't realize that one cannot appease a Muslim.  Appeasers and apologizers are seen as weak in the eyes of Islam. 
  Like I said, this is just the beginning of the stealth jihad in America.  It will be the goal of the Muslim communities to gather at places and challenge every local law and every local rule.  They will claim religious discrimination if they are not allowed to have special dispensation from local authorities, because they are Muslim.  It is their intent to claim religious persecution every time they are held to a law that Americans have been abiding by for years.  The Muslim community in every neighborhood will stand against all man made laws and rules until they are given their own special Sharia Law rights. 
  I will be accused of blowing the alarm whistle, being racist, being an Islamophobe and being intolerant of other religions.  I am not intolerant of only one religion, only Islam, as Islam is NOT a religion.  I've said this so many times, I feel like I'm beating a dead horse.  The altercation that took place this past week at the Playland Park, is just the beginning, don't think it will stop there.  The Muslims who went to Playland, went there because they knew they would be refused the right to ride the ride wearing their hijabs, they knew that if they scream loud enough at park employees they could incite violence, and they knew that if the police were called in, they would be able to demonize them also.  The Muslims all know that the liberal media will give them press coverage allowing them to play the victim role.  Play it they did, so much so in fact, that there were no interviews of authorities.  I must voice my disappointment of even the FOXNews channel, as they too, beginning with Megan Kelly, FOXNews fell deep into the stealth jihad web.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the supposed unbiased reporting of the news could turn so quickly biased.  All of a sudden, without even attempting to get statements from police, park officials or other bystanders, the news media saw to it that Islam had a platform to demonize Americans, even worse, I found the fair and balanced network defending the Muslim women, even without knowledge from both sides.  This is how it is supposed to play out.  Once Muslim victimhood has been established, there will be no stopping the Islamization of America.  Those Muslim women at Playland the other day portrayed themselves as prey, but in essence, it is the so-called prey that is the predator.  Don't believe me, wait until this news story continues to play out.  
  It is impossible for anyone not to see that in America as around the world Christians are being demonized all the while Muslims/Islam is being raised to higher authority.  It will not be long before Islam begins to wield that authority in America.  To prove this, simply Google Christian persecution in Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq or Africa and the UK and the Netherlands.  Read about it, keep in in your mind, then you'll recognize it when it happens here.  The only problem, when it happens here, as in all the afore mentioned countries, it will be too late to stop it.  Ask Geert Wilders, go ahead Google him, read what he has to say.  Make up your own mind.  If we as free Americans are going to take a stand against Islam, it must be now, tomorrow may be too late.
God Help Us
The Watchman   

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