Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Congressional Black Caucus Declares ‘War’ on Tea Party | Calls for Civil Unrest in Their Neighborhoods and Homes | Video | TheBlaze.com

"I have a nightmare"!
   Now this is the way to unite the nation, isn't it?  What a pathetic group of whining politicians, are they all Black?  Well by golly it appears they are. 
  This is obviously how the Congressional Black Caucus operates.  If none of them can find anything good about the President, then they have no choice but to "declare war" (did I hear that right?) on the TEA Party.  Racism is alive and well in America alright, but it's not where you might have thought it was.  No, it's not in the run down ghettos of New York City or Los Angeles, or even in the old Chicago neighbor where Barack Obama was a community organizer.  (That was before he became America's "Divider In Chief").  This vitriolic hate speech isn't spewing from the mouths of Louis Farrakhan or even the New Black Panthers.  This "we hate the White man's TEA Party" is resonating from Capitol Hill and the Congressional Black Caucus.  Whatever happened to the civility that Obama called for?  I appears this is just another in a long line of racist double standards that permeates the political realm.  Is it any wonder that many White folks are more than a little apprehensive when they are approached by Black folks?  It's not really Blackophobia is it?   Why I wonder, are only White people considered racist.  I mean we've been accused of Islamophobia, why not Blackophobia too?  
  Accusing the TEA Party of being a racist organization is ludicrous at best.  As a member of the TEA Party and speaker at TEA Party rallies, I can say, without reservation that all the rallies I've been to, were extremely diverse.  I would venture to say that virtually every race, creed, nationality and color attended the TEA Party rallies, and actually participated.  As a matter of fact, I shared the dais with an American Black business owner, and I remember that he gave a rousing speech against the tyrannical taxation in America.  So, where does the CBC get their information?  I'll tell you where, it's been rolling around in their little pea brains for years, and they think that now is the time to actually say what they've been thinking.  I guess that somehow in the CBC's rhetoric they feel that they can gather support for Barack Obama from the same guilty-feeling White people who were duped into voting for him the first time.
  Let me say this to the loud-mouths of the Congressional Black Caucus:  The vile accusations being made by you and those like you will result in nothing short of solidifying the TEA Party, and I don't just mean the White TEA Party people either.  Your despicable remarks like the TEA Party wants to see Black folks hanging from trees, is a best inane.  There isn't one of you who shouldn't be charged with spewing hate speech and inciting minorities to violence.  America's White population has virtually wiped out racism from their minds, their workplaces and schools.  So now, the CBC's one stupid and erroneous outburst, may result in most, if not all prejudices being awakened once again.  Congratulations CBC!  I guess that the CBC would just cease to exist if it weren't for pulling that "race card" every so often in order to somehow secure your positions of control and influence over your constituents.
  When will the Congressional Black Caucus begin to tell their constituents the truth about things?  When will they tell their folks that it's not the White people keeping the Black people poor?  When will the CBC tell their folks that America owes them nothing?  Slavery is over, it's ancient American history.  When will the CBC realize that a couple of hundred thousand White men gave their lives to defeat slavery in this country?  I guess they never will, and it appears they will never tell the truth to our Black Americans because the truth would set them free.  The members of the CBC with the exception of a few are the ones responsible for the constant class and race discrimination that occurs in this nation.  If the poor Black folks are always led to believe that someone other than themselves are the reason they are poor, then those powerful Blacks in charge will retain their control over the folks.  It's pretty sad really, how powerful Black Americans take advantage of the the disadvantaged Black Americans in this country.  In essence, the Power Black Americans should be ashamed, totally ashamed.
  When I see statistics that show there are more Mexican immigrants in college in America than Blacks, it tells me which race actually shows more initiative in school.  It's so sad to say, because the Blacks in America have had more  than equal opportunities in education ever since "Affirmative Action" was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson. 
  The Black Americans in this nation have little or no excuse for not getting an education, truly, little or no excuse.  If the inner city youth chose to quit school, cause trouble, and or basically just not apply themselves, the fault is on the student and the family.  Uneducated Black or any other race is NOT the fault of White Americans or TEA Parties.  It's time to cease and desist the blame Whitey for all your problems game.  Give it up, and grow up!!!  Congressional Black Caucus, if you are all incapable of doing something constructive, perhaps giving your seats to some other folks who have a sense of responsibility and integrity.  Either way CBC, if you want to continue to drive the wedge of dis-content between the Black and White populations of this nation, then by all means continue on the same path.  The TEA Party is not to blame for your plight, if in fact you even have a plight!
  In my summary:  It is the leaders of the Black population that are responsible for keeping their own people dumbed-down and in the chains of bondage.   
God Help This Nation
The Watchman

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