Saturday, August 27, 2011


Talk about "bad Hobbits", what's the difference between the Hobbit on the left and the Hobbit on the right?   The one on the left is a cartoon character and the Hobbit on the right is real, and is in charge of our Homeland Security.  Scary!!!

  Janet Napolitano Secretary of America's Homeland Security is a joke.  This Hobbit actually thinks America's homegrown terrorists are TEA Party men in suits carrying briefcases.  Is she ignorant, blind or is she really an unsuspecting Hobbit?  The answer is, none of the above.  In reality Janet Napolitano is a Socialist/Communist Progressive who is taking orders blindly from Barack Hussein Obama.  Obama, by all the the evidence is racist against white people, hence his latest Executive Order implementing a new government diversity and inclusion agency to oversee hiring at government levels.  In short form, if you are a white male you need no longer apply for any government positions, they will be filled from this point forward with even more incompetent dolts of every possible race except of course the Caucasian race.  We white folks are taboo in the hiring pool.  If a government agency manager hires a white, straight person, he/she will be deemed immediately as a racist, homophobic, anti-diverse manager and will certainly be dealt with accordingly by the administration. 
  Being a minority has become the most popular thing to be.  If you are Black, Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered, Mexican illegal, or Muslim, illegal or not, you will be placed at the top of the government hiring list.  In order to stem racial, religious or gender, and all gay discrimination the government under Barack Obama is making sure no-one can be discriminated against.  Except of course if you are white, straight and/or Christian, then discrimination is okay, because White, straight Christians are downright evil by nature.  Makes you proud to see how far our country has come, doesn't it?
  We must ask ourselves, how many rights and liberties have been taken from the American people due to demands made by White, straight Christians.  Let's see, there's the freedom to travel without being subjected to Nazi like searches by airport authorities.  No, wait a minute that particular liberty was removed because Muslims attacked and murdered 3,000 innocent people at the World Trade Center.  How about the new abridgement of our 1st amendment right to freedom of speech, or press.  I don't think that White people are offended by the truth, it must be someone else.  Oh, yes that's the Muslims, and the Blacks and the gays... what, not the Christians, straights or Whites?  No, not the Whites, straights or Christians.
  From the freedom of yesteryear, to the tyrannical government of today, there have been many changes in America.  Has it occured to anyone that our children and grand children under the age of say 5 years old will never know the freedom of speech or movement we knew?  Has it occurred to anyone that those same children will never know they could take anything they wanted to school, for their own lunch.  They will never know what it was like when the government wasn't controlling everything you read, where you work, what you eat, or how you heat and cool your home.  Will they remember 20 years from now that there ever was such a thing as a single family dwelling?  Will they ever remember a time when one was free to express thought without fear of trial and punishment?  Will they even know how to express an idea or disagree with the norm.  Will they ever remember that God is the Creator of everything, that Jesus is the only way to salvation?  Will their world be devoid of God and religion?  
  When we as adults today, turn a blind eye to the direction our Godless leaders are taking this nation, we are just as guilty as those leading the way.
  When Benjamin Franklin was asked by a lady,"What have you given us"?  He replied " A Republic, if you can keep it?"  I honestly think that Franklin knew we couldn't keep it, it was too simple, it was too free.  In his heart of hearts, Franklin knew that this republic would fall if we didn't follow the Constitution to the letter.  Our founding fathers entered into the our rights, the 2nd amendment the "right to keep and bear arms", they knew that one day in the future, Americans would have to take up those arms and fight the tyrannical government that we ourselves allowed to take control of us.  The 2nd amendment is in the process of being usurped as we speak.  If we lose our arms, we will surely lose our country!  
  My friends, we nolonger have a government "of the people", "by the people" or "for the people".  Our elected leaders do not consider themselves servants of the people but each unto themselves little dictators of the social concept, that they now know what is best for the people.  We are in a very dangerous position, and we are at the crossroad we have built for ouselves.  In the coming months, if it is not already too late, a people's decision must be made.  Will it be "liberty or death", or will it be "slavery to our self appointed tyrannical government"?  We all have to decide whether we go back and follow our moral and Christian principles or will we go along on the wide path to perdition?  These are the questions that must be answered by each and every one of us, and answer them we must.  Our nation, our way of life, and our freedom and that of those who will follow in our footsteps depend on the decisions we make today.
The Watchman 

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