Monday, October 11, 2010


Muhammad Badi, Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood

The exact quote, " The US is easy to defeat through violence, since it is experiencing the beginning of its end and is heading toward its demise". These were the words of Muhammad Badi, pictured above. Mr. Badi is the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, the most violent of all Muslim organizations, and the Brotherhood is controlling most, if not all Mosques here in America. Still sound like a religion of peace? The following are a few more statements from this guy. I guess Obama would simply refer to him as a "misunderstander of Islam". Me, I'll just call him what he is, a "barbaric terrorist leader"!!! The following statements are from a sermon by Muhammad Badi entitled, " How Islam Confronts the Oppression and Tyranny."

" Arab and Muslim regimes betray their people unless they confront not only Israel but also the U.S. Waging jihad against both is mandatory for all Muslims. Otherwise, they are disregarding Allah's commandment to wage that Allah's word will reign supreme over all NON-Muslims."

" All Muslims are required by their religion to fight as their highest priority, since the improvement and change that the Muslim nation seeks can only be attained through jihad and sacrifice, and by raising a jihad generation that pursues death just as its enemies pursue life."

"Palestinians should back Hamas in overthrowing the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and unite in waging war on Israel."

"Rational calculations applied by the West to adversaries, assuming Muslim
won't act in a revolutionary and even suicidal manner, want a better future for their children, etc., don't apply to the Islamist movement; Allah said: "The hosts will all be routed and will turn and flee"(Koran 54:45). This verse is a promise to the believers that they shall defeat their enemies... and that through Allah you shall triumph...The outcome of the confrontation has been predetermined by Allah."

The entire article is available on the following website:, credit goes to Barry Rubin of the Jerusalem Post.

I don't know how many quotes from how many Muslim clerics it's going to take for me to wake the American people from their political correct stupor. I regret that I can not reach more people with this message of Alert and Warning. I can only hope that those of you who are reading my Blog, will pass it along to your friends and families. I will continue to expose Islam as much as I can for as long as I can. The effort to awaken America and especially the Christian and Jewish communities must be a concerted one, if it is to work. The Muslims are stealthily attacking our government and our constitution. It is their ultimate goal to establish Sharia Law in America. The Muslim community isn't hiding it, listen to the Muslim leaders in the country. Finally, the people of France are waking up, they have seen what Sharia and the Muslim influence has done first hand. Please, let's not wait until it's too late here in America. I'm asking for your help to sound the ALARM. If you are afraid, then just print my post and pass it along, send every one you know the address of my Blog "We The People":

We must stand together against the infiltration of Islam into our nation, or we will, I assure you, we will lose our nation, and our freedom. Islam, must be stopped!!! Please, don't take my word for it, research it for yourself.

God Help Us
Sincerely, "The Watchman"

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