Friday, October 15, 2010


The Two Faces of Idiocy!!!

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, one, a half baked actress, the other a less than mediocre comic. Neither are funny, and neither are worth listening to, and both have mouths like sewers. They started an uproar and shunning of Bill O'Reilly the other day, when both of these numbskull's walked off stage because O'Reilly spoke the truth about Muslims killing Americans on 9/11. Is this what Americans are watching on daytime television these days? Is today's audience getting there education and entertainment from programs like Oprah, The View and Dr. Phil? If so, then it's no wonder that Barack Obama is president? The View has but one brain on the show, and she's the token conservative. Even Barbara Walters, an over paid, over hyped, has been news caster has lost all sense of direction, that is if she ever had any in the first place. It is a sad, sad world, when the people of America are looking for direction from these idiots on television. All of the programs I have mentioned should begin with a huge scrawling disclaimer: "THIS PROGRAM IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT USE ONLY, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TAKE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING CONVERSATIONS SERIOUSLY, AS THE TALK SHOW HOSTS ARE OF EXTREMELY LOW MORALS AND INTELLIGENCE, AND SHOULD NOT BE WATCHED WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION"!!! Or at least something to that effect. Who would have ever thought that I would wish that daytime audiences would just go back to the Soaps.

The saddest and perhaps most frightening thing, is the realization that so many Americans hold the same views, as those on The View. When a country refuses to recognize their enemy, then that country will surely fall to that enemy. When tolerance and political correctness are used as tools to grant a pass to terrorism, this country will most certainly succumb to that terrorism.

Not naming your enemy for fear of insulting your enemy makes absolutely no sense. When did the tables turn? When did it become necessary for one to apologise for speaking the truth? When did it become national policy to accept the lies of an oppressive enemy as truth? All of a sudden good is evil, and evil is good. America, a nation founded by Christians, predominately populated by Christians, has decided to turn their backs on the One True God, in order to accept the teachings and the followers of the false prophet Muhammad. How many innocents will have to die at the hands of murdering terrorists, for people to realize that it is in fact Islam that is evil?

Glenn Beck has decided to go by the way of Gandhi, and Bill O'Reilly has got to have saddle sores from riding the fence for so long. On the Glenn Beck program, the evening of "The View" fiasco, O'Reilly and Beck were both stumbling all over themselves trying to make sure that all the Muslims of the world knew that they weren't anti-Muslim. What a pathetic display of political correctness they made. Then O'Reilly says "I'm fed up with the political correctness crap, and so are the folks." Well, O'Reilly, which is it? You can't always play cover your butt, sometime, and soon, even you will have to take a stand. Once again, I would urge Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly to read "Son of Hamas", the author is none other than Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef the founder of the Hamas terrorist organization. Mosab has converted to Christianity, and in his book, he describes true Islam, and what is expected of true Muslim believers, as followers of the Qu'ran. In an interview with Sean Hannity Mosab Yousef made the following statements: "It is a big mistake, comparing between moderate Muslims and fanatics. This is not how we (Arabs) compare it. All Muslims to me are the same. At the end of the day, they all believe in the god of the Qu'ran and they all believe that this Qu'ran is from god. Jihad is not a choice, Muslims believe that the Qu'ran is from the word of god, and jihad is a requirement of a Muslim. Moderate Muslims do not exist."
As I have said on many occasions, what liberals refer to as "moderate Muslims" are nothing but fallen away, or backsliding Muslims. And just like fallen away and backsliding Christians, they are encouraged to return to the fold. A "moderate Muslim" is a Jihadist In Waiting, as it were. When the time comes, the backsliding Muslim will stand with his Muslim brothers, and engage in jihad as commanded by Muhammad, the soul author of the Qu'ran. No follower of the Qu'ran can be trusted to speak the truth, especially to an Infidel. Muslims don't believe that lying to a non-believer is lying. Of course there are those who insist that they have friends who are Muslims, but believe me, Muslims can not befriend and Infidel, it is forbidden by the Muslim holy book, the Qu'ran.
Believing that Islam and any other culture can co-exist in the same land, is nothing less than a suicidal pipe dream. Islam co-exists with no culture, faith, or government. Islam can't, because it is written in the Qu'ran.
Please America, wake up before it's too late. The enemy is in your house, recognize him, and throw him out. This is a warning from "The Watchman"!!!
God Help Us

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