Sunday, October 10, 2010


That's correct, buy them, use them, but don't put them in the trash. Why not? Because they are toxic and contain mercury. Just FYI, mercury never goes away, never! So, what do you do with a CFL like the one on the left? Well, like fluorescent tubes, your local recycling center won't take them, and most landfills have banned them. It appears the government has done it again. Here is the government's point of view. "Let's force people to bring mercury laced light bulbs into their homes. Let's mandate that by the year 2014, the poison bulb will be the only light bulb source there is". To top things off, the bulbs are so expensive to manufacture, that our "jobs creating government" doesn't mind if, like everything else, the bulbs must be made in China to be, even remotely cost effective.
It is my opinion that if you are going to have light bulbs laced with toxic mercury, you really shouldn't have them manufactured in China, now should you? Let's face it, the Chinese can't even keep the toxic lead paint from the children's toys we have manufactured there. Unless of course, the mercury laced light bulbs are some diabolical Cass Sunstein and John Holdren plot to poison as many Americans as possible over the next five or ten years, thereby reducing the population and birth rates through the use of mercury seeping from the bulbs. Mercury can cause sterility and impotency, I understand. Twenty years ago, I would have said, that would be an extremely far-fetched notion. Today however, it doesn't seem very far-fetched at all. I've read much of Sunstein and Holdren's writings, and believe me, it sounds very much like something one or both of them would come up with. Of course now that both of these maniacs are Obama Czars, and are presently in a position to implement such a plan, it wouldn't surprise me, not in the least.
I do not wish to influence any one's decisions regarding doing their part for the environment, but me, personally, I'm stocking up on incandescent light bulbs. The only thing that ever happened to me from a broken old fashioned bulb, was a cut on my finger. No toxic waste on the floor, no mercury poisoning of my family, no calling a government HAZMAT Team to clean up the spill, and I can just toss the broken bulb in the trash with the rest of the garbage. I don't mind paying the extra $50.00 a year in electric either.
Sincerely, "The Watchman"

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