Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Judge Orders Halt to 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy, Who You Gonna Call, Now???

Once again, another judge oversteps the bounds of the Judiciary, and rules that a law is unconstitutional. Instead of actually doing her job, which is to interpret laws as written, not to create or change them to suit her agenda, or the agenda of special interest groups. Laws, federal, state, and local, are created, enacted and repealed by the respective legislative bodies and/or by a vote of the people. I would venture to say that this so-called judge from California has a minimal, or warped knowledge concerning the U.S. Constitution, as her education in law was at U.C. Berkeley. At the very least, it is apparent that Judge Virginia Phillips has very little basic education, i.e., that there are three branches of government in this country, the Executive, Legislative and Judicial. One branch alone can not make decisions that infringe upon the sole responsibility of the other. A Senator for example, can not sentence someone to prison, that is a judge's job, and he or she are basically bound by regulations and guidelines set forth in the constitution. Three branches, because each one checks and balances the other. It's how our republic is supposed to work. I imagine it would be safe to assume that judges at all levels of the judiciary have taken their cues from our President, you know, the Executive branch of our government. I'm sure that judges all around the United States see the president usurping written and legislated law by his Executive Order. The judges in turn, assume that as long as they are more "law" educated, then they should also be able to exercise their judicial power to deem legislated law "unconstitutional" or "obsolete" when they see fit. We have all seen the Senate and the House bend, and shape laws to fit their agendas, so judges are merely following suit, as they are looked upon as a governing body too. The bottom line is this, there are NO real laws, or rules, or regulations that any one, or all branches of the government can not change to suit their purpose. I don't know about you folks, but in my book, that adds up to total corruption of all levels and in all branches of government. There is one law that should certainly be changed, and that is; lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court. I'm thinking 10 years maximum. There needs to be term limits on every government office, either elected or appointed. There is a 2 term maximum on the office of President, why isn't there a 2 term max. on the Senate and the House? Now that I'm into it, whose stupid idea was it to give senators a term of 6 years? I mean think about it, even the president's term is only 4 years. These newly elected congressmen and women, and senators need to be strongly and sternly reminded that they have been elected to be servants of the people, not dictators over the people.
I heard yesterday evening the claim the because of "don't ask, don't tell" there has been a loss of a little over 5,000 gay service men and women. I just wonder, now that gays are going to be openly gay, how many heterosexual service men and women will be leaving the military. Putting myself out on a limb, I'm guessing a whole lot more than 5,000. It brings up the question of a new draft, doesn't it? After all, if straights refuse to bunk with gays, my guess is that finding volunteers will become somewhat difficult at best. The only other alternative would be to segregate the straight personnel from the gay personnel, and that would be discrimination, and once again the question of legality would come into play. Speaking as a Marine from the Vietnam era, I would certainly find it very uncomfortable bunking with a group of homosexuals. I mean, what would happen if a single straight soldier was assigned to an entire platoon of gay soldiers? You can can't tell me that a very uncomfortable situation wouldn't arise. Could you guarantee that no discrimination would occur? I don't think so. Ultimately, without segregating gays and lesbians from straights, military readiness, would certainly suffer. The end result, may actually result in an all gay military. Some how or another, and at some time or another, these situations will have to be addressed. Or not...
It is no secret that President Obama and his minions in Washington, D.C. have been doing everything in their power to weaken America's defenses and weaponry. This "don't ask, don't tell" controversy seems like just another way to accomplish that goal. I'm sure that Barack Obama would like nothing better than to have a very passively sweet military. Islam is going to love this. If Islam likes it, Obama will be for it, just like everything Islam demands. I mean Obama is even 100% behind the Muslim Hero cartoon "99" which is to begin airing in America for all the American children to be exposed to Islam, and Sharia Law.
That's right America, sit back watch it happen right before your eyes. Islam is coming to a TV near you, right in your own living room, and with President Obama's endorsement to boot. Don't think he's a Muslim? Think again!
Judges gone wild, corruption in our government beyond the wildest imagination, schools not teaching the true American history, teachers indoctrinating your children in Socialist, Marxist and Communist ideals. To borrow a phrase from a McDonalds commercial, "Islam is lovin this."
For those who live in the state of Tennessee, early voting starts today 10/13/2010. Get out and make your voices heard. Vote Christian, vote conservative, vote your heart, not your pocket book. The country you save, will be your own.
God Help Us
"The Watchman"


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