Thursday, September 23, 2010

Whose Country Is This Anyway???

So you think America isn't becoming Shariah compliant? Let's ask ourselves a couple of questions. When Islamic clerics call for erasing Israel off the face of the earth, does anyone in the media get all upset? Does it make the front page of newspapers around the country? NO! But, when a rather obscure preacher in Florida says he's going to burn the Qu'ran, it becomes an international incident, everyone from the President to General Petraeus calls for the preacher not to burn the Qu'ran. He is denounced by virtually everyone in authority, the media, both television and print. He is called names like bigot, racist, religious extremist, and wacko. Doesn't anyone see that double standard I've been warning about for over two years? Let's not forget about Molly Norris the cartoonist. She has now gone into hiding and had to change her identity because of threats from our "moderate" Muslims. She drew a cartoon of Mohammad for crying out loud. When she received the threats from Muslims, did anyone hear America's so-called moderate Muslims standing up for the U.S. Constitution, or Molly's right to free speech and expression? NO! Has the media denounced the Muslim threats? NO! Did the President make a public statement informing the Muslim community that in America, Molly Norris had the right to draw the cartoon, and yes, she even had the right to call for a "everyone draw Mohammad day". Well, the President is silent. The media is silent. All the while, one of our American citizens is hiding and in fear for her life, in her own country. Not Shariah compliant, yes we are, and it's getting worse. The city of New York is providing security around the clock for Imam Rauf the Ground Zero Imam. Is the city of New York charging the Imam for those services? NO! But, in stark contrast, Gainsville, Florida authorities are planning on billing the Qu'ran burning preacher $180,000.00 for security he didn't ask for. So, instead of perhaps sending the security bill to the local Mosque, or to some other "moderate" Muslim facility, where threats like ones against the preacher have a tendency to originate. The authorities punish the victim, not the perpetrator. Double standard, not necessarily, Sharia compliant, oh yes, absolutely.

Americans need to understand, in a Shariah compliant country, Muslims can do no wrong. Take a quick look around America, have you seen any blame placed where it is due? These incidents bare strong resemblance to Sharia Law. For example a Muslim girl is raped, do the perpetrators of the rape get punished? NO! The innocent girl "victim" is punished, she is either stoned to death, or murdered some other way by her own family, because she brought shame to them. This my dear friends, is how Shariah works. Consequently, if the Muslims are involved, they will not be held responsible for their actions, not in a Shariah compliant nation, like the United States.

All that is right and wrong according to Judeo-Christian values, and the United States Constitution are being cast aside in favor of tolerance, and compliance to Shariah Law. My friends we are losing freedom and liberty, more and more everyday. Tolerance of Islam must come to a halt in America. This nation can not survive as a free nation as long as Islam is allowed to propagate. There is no room in America for Islam, all you have to do is ask a Muslim. They can not and do not want to assimilate, it is their intention and sworn duty to destroy the American way of life, and put Islam and Shariah law in force. They are doing it, read the papers. It's not what you see, it's what you don't see that counts. It's not what you hear, it's what their not telling you that is causing change. America's intent on political correctness is killing us from the inside out. "Frog in the water", get my drift?


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