Saturday, September 25, 2010


Symbol of the Muslim Brotherhood

I come across and read about people who say: "I have friends or neighbors that are Muslim, and they're good people." I have to ask those folks: "Do you have any Arab Christian friends who fled places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia?" More times than not, they answer, ""

Having had the opportunity to converse at length with more than a few Egyptian immigrants, who are Christian. I was able to ascertain that they didn't flee to America to attend one of the new mosques being built. Quite the contrary, they are frightened, and they fear for the future of America, now that they see just how quickly the Muslims in America have taken control of things. It frightens them that there is so much Muslim influence at the local schools they are attending here. They told how in Egypt and in Saudi Arabia that if you worship as a Christian, you are not allowed to own property or business, that Christians live as slaves among their own people. They are allowed to worship, but they must worship quietly and many times only within the confines of their rented dwellings.

What I am saying, is if you want to know the true character of Islam, speak to someone who has lived under their rule, and managed to escape. Needless to say, once Islam rules everywhere, which is their intention, there will be no place for anyone who isn't Muslim to run away to. Americans do not wish to offend, or insult Muslims, but by the same token they have no real concept of true Islam. Islam is a trap, Islam has hijacked the minds of untold millions of followers. Now, Islam is hijacking the minds of Americans in their maneuvers to take over the country, and to make Islam the only religion in the world. Out of America's political correctness and tolerance, will come the demise of our freedom, liberty and Constitution. Islam, by their own Qu'ran, can not follow what they call man-made law. They can and will only obey the Shariah Law handed down from Muhammad. Sharia is the complete opposite of the United States Constitution. Islam will lie, and pretend to obey until they manage to infiltrate local government offices. They are doing just that, this very minute. They move into an area, they build a mosque, even if it's against the community's wishes. They will cite freedom of religion clauses from our Constitution, play the victims of racism card, they will gain the sympathy of uninformed American citizens, mostly young people and even some Christian clergy, and soon, they will have their mosque. As more and more Muslims move into the area to attend the mosque, they gain population, run for local government offices. The next thing you know you have an East Lansing, Michigan on your hands. In East Lansing, they think that burning a copy of the Qu'ran is illegal, and believe it or not, the East Lansing police department actually offered a $10,000.00 reward for the person who burned a copy of the Qu'ran and left it on the steps of the local mosque. If it was a Bible that was burned and left on the steps of the local Christian church, would there have been a police investigation, and a reward offered for the perpetrator? Somehow, I don't think so!!! This is how the takeover will happen America, one day you will awaken to the call to prayer, and things will all of a sudden be against the law that aren't really against the law. Remember, Sharia Muslim law is not American law, it will never be, and it can never be, according to Islam.

Truly, take the time to really know your friends, before you defend their culture and so-called religion.


"The Watchman" Ezekiel 33:6

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