Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are You Kidding Me???

" Al Qaeda attacks the U.S. in the name of Islam-a claim that is widely rejected."

Oh yeah, widely rejected by who, Obama!?!

Janet Napolitano are you really the Chief of Homeland Security, or are you the White House Jester?

People who are totally unfamiliar with Mohammad, the Hadith and the Qu'ran in general are easy to spot. Although not all of them will be sporting clown hats and noses like Janet Napolitano spoof picture above. But it is their rhetoric that will give them away every time. They will use terminology like "moderate Muslim", "Islam is a religion of peace", "misunderstanders of Islam", and my personal favorite "hijackers of Islam". Let it be known, none of the above are true statements. There are no moderate Muslims, only temporarily fallen away Muslims. Islam is not by any stretch of the imagination a religion, let alone a religion of peace. Islam by it's very name is a ideology that inflicts pain upon those who do not believe, Islam simply means "Submission", or else! There are no "misunderstanders of Islam". The barbaric jihadists who carry out acts of terrorism here in America and around the globe, understand Islam to perfection. Islam requires the worlds population to bow to Allah and Mohammad, whether you are a believer or not. Our President and many of our high level security specialists, at the Presidents instruction call terrorists, "hijackers of Islam". They are not hijackers of Islam, they are the soldiers of Islam.

There is a rumor going around that Janet Napolitano has instructed private citizens; "if you see something, say something". Cute, real cute. By the same token, she doesn't seem to understand where our "homegrown terrorists" are coming from. Allow me to give you a one word clue Janet "MOSQUE"!!! Ring a bell Janet? I would advise Ms. Napolitano to bypass the TeaParty folks, and start looking for the homegrown terrorists in the "homegrown terrorist" garden. The Mosque is where the seeds of terrorism are planted, watered, cultivated and ripened on the vine. It's time for Homeland Security began looking at things from a logical and practical point of view. For instance, how do mosquitoes breed? Water is the key word, adult mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water, and that is where they hatch millions of baby mosquitoes. It is true, that about only half the mosquitoes actually bite, but half of a million, is 500 thousand. If your Mosque has 300 members, and only half of them bite, that's 150, then you must multiply that 150 by the 2400 or so Mosques in America. that adds up to a substantial number of biting terrorists. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that adds up 360,000 biting mosquito terrorists, a formidable force to say the least. Now, this is only an example, but even I can see where the "homegrown" terrorist problem may actually be coming from. The key to ridding the community of a mosquito infestation, is eliminating the nesting and breeding areas, drain the water, eliminate any new containers or areas where there is or may be standing water. As long as our federal government continues to recognize Islam as a religion, America and the West is doomed. I know it, many others know it, but are afraid to say it. I honestly think Napolitano knows it, but she's frightened of Islam, and of Obama, Islam's greatest supporter in America.

"If you see something, say something". Well, Ms. Napolitano, I see hundreds of new Mosques being built in America with every passing month. I see Islam and it's Muslim followers breeding like a mosquito infestation. I see you Janet Napolitano doing nothing about it. I see our southern and northern borders still as porous as ever. I see Muslim populations growing by leaps and bounds. Where are they all coming from to fill up all these Mosques they are building? I can't possibly be the only person who has ever asked these questions. So there you have it, I have seen something, and I have said something. Let me guess, I'm a racist bigot, and an Islamopobe who hates Muslims. I don't hate Arabs, it is the Qu'ran following Muslims that I have a distaste for. I don't believe for a moment that Muslims want to assimilate to the American way of life. It is against their belief, you know it, and I know it. So, are we just waiting for Obama to declare that he is the new Calif of the West, or what?


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