Sunday, September 19, 2010


Mr. John Holdren, one of the White House's resident evil nut-jobs is at it again. According to Holdren, if people are tired of hearing about "global warming" which never existed in the first place, then it is absolutely necessary for us to change the terminology to " Global Climate Disruption." How's that name? Between John Holdren (Obama's Science Czar) and Cass Sunstein ( Obama's Regulatory Czar), whatever that is, the American people are at the mercy of many ideological nut- cases. Holdren has been a wacko since the word "go". By the use of the term "Global Climate Disruption", Holdren thinks he can convince the people of the world, that not only are humans responsible for global warming, but we humans are also responsible for the wind, rain, heat, cold, snow, hurricanes, tornadoes and quite possibly solar flares. There is no doubt that this man is totally Godless. A smart administration would be discretely notifying the people in the white coats that there is a really crazy man in the White House that needs to be permanently housed in a rubber room. However, this administration was smart enough to place Holdren in the position that he is, because he is instrumental in collapsing the entire American, and even the worlds economy. He's a scientist you say, well, yes he is, a mad one!!! Barack Obama, Cass Sunstein, George Soros, and John Holdren have one common goal, and each one of them has an intricate part to play in achieving that goal. Holdren's job is to convince the world that humans are destroying the planet, and he is going to do that in a scientific manner. Never mind that the science behind it is false science, Holdren believes it to be real, and that's all the rest of them need. They need a real wacko like John Holdren who believes what he is doing is beneficial to the earth. To the administration, Holdren's state of mental competency is irrelevant.

(*) Here is an interesting fact: Any scientist who has not sold his soul to the environmental movement will tell you that the reason that greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide (CO2), do not cause any warming is due to the fact that they have to conform to the laws of thermodynamics. The first law states that "energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It can only change form."(* Alan Caruba Sept. 20, 2010 Family Security Matters) What am I getting at, you ask? Well, let me expound just a bit. Humans have basically developed five forms of energy that we depend on for our very comfortable existence on the planet. They have been developed through years of research and development techniques and have proven extremely effective, and very efficient. These forms are: Coal, Oil, Natural Gas and Nuclear. Another form that is often omitted, is hydro-electric power. All of these energy sources have served mankind very well over the years. So, if your sole intent is to build a New World Order, a new form of global government, it is necessary to remove the very things that are working for the current society as a whole. The powers behind this new global government scheme know that if the people are happy with the way things have been, then they must be made unhappy. Here is where false science comes in. Everyone loves and wants to save the planet we live on, right? Why sure! Then the globalists must convince the people that through their comfort and happiness they are destroying the planet, guilt works almost every time. Hence the global warming scam. Does anyone remember the hole in the Ozone layer scam a ten or so years back? How about the new ice age scam from the 1960's? These false sciences were all probes into the human psyche, to see how much we would swallow before rejection set in. Well, the new ice age thing lasted a couple of years, and then it just disappeared, remember? The hole in the Ozone, well, it must have just closed up all by itself, because we humans did nothing substantial to patch it. Okay, we cut down on chloro-flouro carbons, hardly a significant remedy for the impending doom we were told would happen, should this Ozone rift continue to grow. This global warming scam has been exposed as baseless, so the globalists are changing the name to Climate disruption. Globalists/Progressives are always on the look out for a new crisis, and if they can't find a natural one, they simply make one up.

Attacking the sources of energy we use every day, is an attack on America's economic success. Do you see the point? This administration is engaging in an attack on America's and the world's energy lifeline. Without proven sources of energy, humans will not be able to survive, or sustain the comfort level to which we have all become accustomed. This administration has but one goal. Destroy America financially, morally, and culturally. Then and only then can one man, whether it be Barack Obama, or someone else, emerge from the darkness and into the light, to save the world from itself, and lead us all into their idea of utopia.

Even the staunchest environmentalist must agree that; corn ethanol, wind power and solar power are not viable alternatives to the energy sources of oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear and hydro-electric. I suppose they could argue that, but it would be to no avail, as they have no true scientific evidence to prove their theories.

As this administration of Progressive/Globalists continue their onslaught on the people of America, we must continue to rebut them at every point. There can be no doubt by now, that the present administration is bound an determined to push our nation to the threshold and over the precipice into an abyss of perpetual catastrophe. They are erasing America's history so our children can not learn from it. They are erasing our God, the Creator of heaven and earth, and replacing Him with Big Government. They are ardently dividing the people by placing wedges between races, colors and creeds. They are attempting to control every aspect of our lives, and it must be stopped, and stopped now!!!

This November is America's last hope to save our freedom, our liberty and our Constitution. It is imperative that all Christian conservatives turn out an make our voices be heard. If America doesn't have revival and turn back to God, if America doesn't elect servants of the people who have high moral fibre, good Christian values and respect for our constitution and our people, our voice may very well be silenced forever.


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